Breakfast at the Ritter Sport factory cafe…

This morning, Bill and I decided to go to the Ritter Sport factory’s cafe for breakfast.  Although we’ve  lived in the Stuttgart area for a total of over three years and have been enjoying Ritter Sports the whole time, this was our first visit to the museum in Waldenbuch.  We kept meaning to go there and check out the museum, but never got around to it.  I had heard that they offered a nice breakfast at their restaurant and it’s open on Sundays.  We showed up there at about 9:45 this morning and noticed that quite a few tables were reserved.  Fortunately, we found a spot to sit down next to a very nice German couple.

We were managing with the German menu, but the waitress kindly brought us one in English, even though we didn’t request it.  I heard the Ritter Sport cappuccino is very good, but I decided to go with #11 on the menu,  a chocolate filled croissant and hot chocolate.  I also had orange juice because I need more sugar in my diet…  😉

Flaky croissant… I don’t think it was full of Nutella, which is a good thing.  The hot chocolate was amazing.  It had chocolate melted on the bottom.


Bill ordered scrambled eggs with ham, but ended up with eggs that had mozzarella and tomatoes in it and a cup of regular coffee.  They were good.


Bill is all done with breakfast.  Behind him is a case full of delicious looking pastries.  The cafe is obviously a great place to have coffee and cake.


I expected to see more Americans at the cafe, but the place was full of locals enjoying themselves, including one guy who was having beer.  We were finishing up breakfast when a familiar face came into view.  I finally got to meet our local Dutch handyman hero, Bram, and his adorable daughter.  It was an honor and a pleasure to finally see in person the man with whom I have interacted many times online.

After we paid, we took a quick walk around the grounds…

The folks living next to the factory had a cute little primate statue…

I noted that the fence was electric and Bill warned me that it’s not a good idea to pee on an electric fence.  Not that I was tempted to do that, of course.  

They also had lots of signs…  This one was especially stern.  


Apparently, people have been letting their dogs crap on their property… I took pictures of two signs, though there were several…  I take it the shit and run action has been a real struggle for them.  I don’t blame them for being “pissed”…

Pretty fall foliage.

After we were finished with breakfast, we went to Panzer so I could pick up a couple of sympathy cards for my cousin and her stepmother.  I hadn’t been there since they finished the roadwork.  Nice to see that area somewhat functional again.

If this post makes you want to visit the Ritter Sport Cafe for breakfast, I recommend making reservations or showing up early.  The place was pretty packed when we left.  And if you walk your dog in the area by the museum, be sure to bring your crap bags so more anti dog shit signs don’t get posted.  We’ll have to go back and actually tour the museum sometime.  I think we could have today, but we didn’t feel like waiting around for it to open.


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