Pasta at Provinciale in Nagold…

I think this will be the last of my restaurant reviews this weekend.  Bill has homework to do and I’m ready to hang out in my nightie on this cloudy Sunday.  We did decide to go to Nagold for lunch today because a fellow Stuttgart Friend 2.0er recommended Provinciale, which is right on the main square.  She said they had wonderful veggie pizza.  I believe her, because the restaurant smelled wonderful.  I decided on pasta, though.  So did Bill.

Looking on Trip Advisor, I see that Provinciale gets surprisingly low marks.  However, when we got there at about 1:00pm, they were doing a brisk business and it looked like everyone was pretty happy.  Indeed, I thought the waitress who helped us was super friendly and nice, the wine we drank was generously poured, the San Pellegrino was cold and fizzy, and the food was fine.  What more could we ask for?

Bill smiles for the camera.  He’s very patient with my constant photographs.  If he were doing that to me, I might have to get snotty.

Anyway, though I was thinking about pizza, I am actually not the biggest fan of the pizza one finds in Germany.  I prefer big American ones that are shared.  I know that’s lame.  I can’t help it.  When I was a kid, I wouldn’t even eat pizza.  It took a long time before I realized how good it can be.  Bill likes pizza more than I do and was thinking about getting some, but I talked him into getting lasagne.  I wanted to see if it had mushrooms in it.  I settled on farafalle with salmon and spinach.  We listened to Kiss and talked about David Hasselhoff, Clownvis the King of Clowns, and Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne as we waited for the food.

My bowtie pasta with spinach and salmon was served with a mild cream sauce.  It was very good and not too much food.  What I liked best about this dish was that the salmon tasted fresh, as if it was recently cooked and slivered off for my pasta dish.  The spinach was good too.  Fresh and bright green, it was flavorful and not too mushy.

Bill also enjoyed his lasagne.  I’m proud to report that it had no mushrooms in it, though it did have peas and a boiled egg.  

Our bill came to 27,90, which I thought was a fair price.  I would definitely eat at Provinciale again.  I especially appreciated the friendly service, even if people on Trip Advisor panned it.  I also want to mention that this is also a kid friendly restaurant.  I saw many young folks enjoying lunch today.

Special thanks to Sarah from Wildberg for the recommendation!


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