Dinner at Hotel Adler in Nagold…

Although the terrorist events in Paris that happened last night kind of put a damper on our spirits today, Bill and I decided we wanted to go out to dinner.  Originally, we hoped to try a nice restaurant in Wildberg that gets great reviews and has a Michelin Star.  But they were fully booked tonight.  So then we went to Nagold and tried to walk in to Il Due, an Italian place we keep meaning to try.  But they, too, were entirely booked.  So we went to Hotel Adler, where we had dined once at lunchtime back in July.

I was eager to try Hotel Adler again, because they offer good German/Swabish food and they have a really lovely dining room.  Since it’s November, we knew it wouldn’t be hot and nasty in their restaurant like it was when we were there in July.  Of course, the intense July heat wasn’t their fault, but I’d be lying if I said I fully enjoyed our first experience there.  I have memories of sweating a lot.

They also looked pretty full tonight, but we were in luck because they had a two top table available for us.  It was in their breakfast area.  I noticed that aside from the full main dining room, the breakfast area also had a bunch of tables with reserved signs on them.

I catch Bill smiling after a kind waitress lit our candle.  This was right before a whole bunch of people showed up for dinner.  There was only one other party in the dining room when I took this picture.  Minutes later, the place filled up.


Since I had fish the last time we visited, I decided to try the Hotel Adler’s Argentinian rumpsteak.  Bill had a wild game plate.  I think he said it was venison he was enjoying, but he didn’t seem entirely sure. We also ordered wine and water, as usual.  Tonight’s wine was a nice Bordeaux that went well with our meat dishes.

Bill started with a salad.  My dish did not come with a salad, but that was okay… I’m not that into salads, anyway.

Bill’s wild game.  He said this was a bit dry, though it came with a gravy that seemed to help.  There was also a dish of cranberry sauce that I think was supposed to go with my steak, but he used it on his meat, too.  


And, of course he had spatzle, too…


I really enjoyed this steak.  I ordered it medium, but it was really more medium rare.  It came with a side of house made croquettes… basically, deep fried mashed potatoes.  Yum! I liked the gravy that came with the meat; it complimented it well.  Also, I noticed this steak was good quality and didn’t have the weird aftertaste I notice sometimes with German beef.  Seeing as though this was supposed  to be Argentinian, I kind of expected that it wouldn’t taste German.


The wait staff were all pretty women dressed in dirndls.  They were very professional, even when one of them dropped a plate that made a big crash.  No one was stressed or rushed, though service was probably slower than what many Americans might expect.  I have come to appreciate the way dining is in Europe, though.  I didn’t mind waiting and digesting while chatting with Bill.

We were tempted by dessert.  Bill had vanilla ice cream with hot raspberry sauce.

I had chocolate mousse… white chocolate and milk, with a scoop of ice cream and a cookie.


Our check came to 78 euros.  I thought it was worth the cost.  I like Hotel Adler, especially when the weather is cooler.  It’s a nice place to have a traditional meal.  Their main dining room is classy, with its traditional wood paneling.  Since our 13th wedding anniversary is Monday, we will probably try to go to a special restaurant.  I am not sure where that will be yet…

This cake is an example of why Bill and I have been married so happily for so long…  He went to the Real today and they had Black Forest cake.  They almost never do.  He knows I like it, so he bought a couple of pieces.  This was also really nice.  Not too sweet or heavy and a lovely surprise…  I probably shouldn’t have had dessert at Hotel Adler since I ate this earlier today.  But, what the hell…  


On a personal note, it does my heart good to see so many good restaurants in Nagold… and see them full of people enjoying their evening instead of being cowed by terrorism.  I’m going to make a point of continuing to go out and enjoying myself… and living my life as well as I can.  I hope others will, too.



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