Thanksgiving and new sheets in Germany…

As you probably know, it’s not a holiday here in Germany.  Bill is home from work, though, and because it’s just the two of us, we won’t be cooking a big meal.  Instead, we will seek a nice place that serves hearty fare of some sort.  It would be nice if we could find a place that has something similar to what we might be eating if we were at Granny’s house.  However, since we are in Germany, the chances of that happening are probably pretty slim.  I’d be appeased by chicken or duck… I know we can find turkey, but it probably wouldn’t be the kind of turkey I’d want.  I like chicken or duck better anyway.

The weather is positively yucky.  It’s cold and drizzly.  Bill just took the dogs for a walk, which should make them happy.  I’m glad he’s around to do it so I don’t have to.  I kind of struggle to be active when the weather is like this.  It makes me want to hibernate.  But we’ll find someplace to eat and I will be sure to review it!

Speaking of hibernation and taking to one’s bed…  I just bought us some new sheets.  I have some really nice, expensive cotton sheets that I have been using for about 18 months or so.  Sadly, they are starting to wear out.  They also don’t really fit the bed with the feather top on it and they wrinkle horribly!  That might be okay if I liked ironing, but I hate to iron.

So, a few weeks ago, I ordered a new set of sheets from Comphy.com.  I’d actually been thinking about buying these sheets for some time.  We encountered them last Thanksgiving, when we went to Virginia and stayed at The Hummingbird Inn, a B&B in Goshen… the very same one we stayed in for our honeymoon in 2002.  It was owned by different people then.  Last year, it was owned by different people than the ones who own it now, as the inn was sold over the summer.

Anyway, last year, The Hummingbird Inn used Comphy microfiber sheets on the bed in our room.  I noticed how soft and comfortable they were, but since our expensive Italian linens weren’t that worn out, I didn’t order a set.  When I recently noticed my Italian sheets were fraying, I decided to take the Comphy plunge.

Comphy doesn’t ship to APO, so I had our sheets and a set of pillowcases sent to my mother-in-law in Texas, who kindly forwarded them our way.  They arrived on Monday.  I washed them, then put them on the bed.  Immediately, I noticed that the sheets were very generously sized.  Comphy’s sheets are larger than conventional sheets so they can fit pillow top mattresses.  My bed does not have a big pillow top, but it does have a feather bed on top.  With conventional sheets, I was constantly having to pull the corners back down.  I don’t have to do that with Comphy sheets, though they are actually a bit too big for our king sized mattress.  When we upgrade our mattress, I am sure I’ll be glad for the extra roominess, though.  The elastic on the fitted sheet is wider than it is on other sheets I’ve used.

The next thing I noticed is that the sheets are supposed to be silver blue, but actually look more like light green.  That’s not a big deal to me, but I would just say that the sheets look like they do on the Comphy Web site, even though they are supposed to be blue.  I was thinking maybe the sheets would be blue in person, even though they looked greenish on Comphy’s site.  There aren’t a whole lot of colors to choose from, unfortunately.

Finally, I will comment that the Comphy sheets are indeed very comfortable.  I wouldn’t have thought I’d like microfiber sheets because I prefer natural fibers.  These sheets are very soft, don’t wrinkle, and they breathe well.  Bill loves them and actually thanked me for dropping a big wad of cash on them!  He says he’s sleeping better than he has in a long time.  These sheets are not cheap, but they are probably among the best I’ve ever slept on.

So… if you’re in the market for sheets, you might want to consider Comphy.  However, I do want to warn that their return policy is not very liberal.  You may want to get swatches and/or even find a bed and breakfast that uses them so you can try them out before you buy a set.  Just do a Google search for Comphy sheets and you will find places that use them.  You can also find Comphy sheets in spas.

No, this is not our bed… this bed was at The Hummingbird Inn.  It was outfitted with Comphy linens. My bed is too messy for pictures.


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