Mmm… Friday night Greek food!

Yesterday, we tried and failed to get a table at Talblick, a gourmet and apparently very good restaurant in Wildberg…   As a matter of fact, when Bill called and tried to set us up with a reservation, he was told they are booked solid for the next three months!  He was advised to try again in January, since the entire month of December is booked with holiday parties.  Now we have to go!  We’ll keep trying!  Someday, I will write about the very nice Michelin starred restaurant eleven miles from our house in Jettingen.

Anyway, because it was dark and cold outside and we heard about the Schoenbuch Tunnel being closed all weekend, we decided to stay local for dinner.  It had been awhile since our last trip to Taverne Beim Griechen, so we decided to go there last night.

I wasn’t super hungry, since I had a big breakfast and a late lunch yesterday.

Mmm… cheese souffles, sausage, and biscuits! Bill made a wonderful breakfast!

I opted for gyros, while Bill had souvlaki.

As usual, the gyros were great!
So was the souvlaki!

Our waitress was the same lady who helped us last time we visited.  She doesn’t speak English.  In fact, she doesn’t speak German that well, either.  We had some misunderstandings about our beverages.  I asked for water with gas and Bill ordered wine.  He asked for two glasses, but she brought out a small pitcher and one glass for him and just the water for me, along with ouzo.  After he clarified, she brought out another water glass and wine glass.  We enjoyed dinner… then we decided to have another glass of wine.  This time, she brought out two small pitchers of wine and another round of ouzo…  I gave the “cowardly ouzo” to Bill.   
It was no big deal, really.  If we had to, we could have walked home.  But once we were done, Bill asked for the check.  I think she either didn’t hear him or misunderstood, since we sat for another twenty or thirty minutes before I finally asked the owner for the check.  I’m pretty sure his wife is Korean and she came over with the bill.  Bill thanked her in Korean and was rewarded with a huge smile.  
It’s always a pleasure to have Greek food on a Friday night.  It’s sort of becoming our ritual lately.  Tonight, we have reservations at Osteria da Gino’s in Nagold.  I have a feeling we will be joined by at least one other American couple…  😉  I look forward to writing tomorrow’s blog post.

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