Big Greek dinner in Jettingen and lovely lunch in Nagold… Luz Bistro strikes again!

Last night, Bill and I decided to have Greek food at Taverne beim Griechen, which is a restaurant in a local Sportsplatz.  We both had fish and I didn’t quite finish mine, which seemed to piss off the proprietor.  He was concerned that I didn’t enjoy my dorade.  I did enjoy it; I just couldn’t finish it.  I probably should have had him wrap it for me.  Next time, I’ll do better.  I only got through about half of it, though, which seemed to really upset our Greek friend.

Bill had grilled Wolfbarsch (branzino), which was just the right size.  He managed to finish his fish.  

I had a grilled dorade.  This was delicious, but so much fish!  And the rice was a lot, too!  I need to remember to be hungry when I order dorade.  This fish had lots of bones in it, but came with a very nice garlic sauce.  The tomato rice was tasty, but filling.
It seems like German restaurants are more willing to wrap leftovers than they were last time we were here.  It makes sense, since Germans, especially in Swabia, tend to be very frugal folks.  I found myself apologizing to the proprietor of Taverne beim Griechen for not having a hollow leg!
By lunchtime today, I was hungry again, so we decided to go to Nagold for lunch.  We stopped by Luz Bistro, because it’s one of my favorite local restaurants and because they have a dessert there that I was dying to have today.  We got there at 1:30pm, which was about 30 minutes before they stop serving and have their pause before dinner.
Bill’s customary pose before dining.
Because I wanted dessert, I decided to go light.  I had a salad.  You see it pictured below.  It was quite enjoyable, with watercress, pinenuts, bacon, light dressing, and roasted duck breast.
I don’t usually love salads, but I did love this salad.  It was delicious.  Bacon makes anything better, though.  Actually, my favorite part was the duck, which was cooked to medium rare perfection.  I also loved that there wasn’t a huge load of dressing on my salad.  I like my salads lightly dressed… same way I like my men.  I washed this down with a lovely primitivo.

Bill went a schnitzel with cognac cream sauce and potatoes that were kind of like latkes.  Again, the dish was well sized.  It wasn’t too much and he was able to enjoy the whole thing.  We had fresh bread, too.


It was just after 2:00 when we finished.  I asked the waitress/bartender if I could have dessert.  She said she had to check with the kitchen.  Fortunately, they were agreeable and made me the dessert pictured below.  Truth be told, I went to Luz Bistro expressly for that dessert, which is a true cure for PMS.  My mother in law had it when she visited in December and I’ve been wanting to visit again ever since so I could get it.

Rich chocolate tart with vanilla sauce, and the most sinful salted caramel ice cream I’ve ever had.  That was the best part of the whole thing… and I’m usually a sucker for anything chocolate.  Bill had an espresso.


Our bill came to about 74 euros.  It was worth it, just for that tart and ice cream.  It was so good!  After lunch we went to the Wein-Laden store and picked up a couple of wines for later.  I took note of the ad for energy.

I like it when bucks are used to advertise energy.

If you’re ever in Nagold and need wine, this shop is a great place to stop.  


I’m not sure what tomorrow has in store for us.  As the days get longer, I start thinking it’s time to break out of hibernation and get back to enjoying life in Germany.  We won’t be here forever.

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Dinner at Restaurant Bei Stefan in Jettingen…

Last night, Bill came home from work in a great mood because he managed to do something very good at work.  Add in the fact that we didn’t have much in the way of dinner fixings available and you have a situation that calls for dinner in a restaurant.  There’s a Greek place at a sports club in Jettingen that we hadn’t tried before last night.  Although we are fairly regular visitors to Taverne beim Griechen, which is at a sports club in Unterjettingen, we had never been to Restaurant Bei Stefan, which is a Greek restaurant at a club very close to Jettingen’s Real store in Oberjettingen.  I’m always up for finding new places to review, so off we went.

It’s funny that we’ve lived in Jettingen for almost three years now and we’d never dined at the sportsplatz near the Real.  It’s located right next to a roundabout on the other side of the road from the big store.  You drive down a road into a lovely wooded area and can pretty much forget how close you are to Jettingen’s shopping mecca.

These were the specials last night.

A good shot of the sign.

The small building where the restaurant is.  It’s right next to a soccer/football field.


I approached the restaurant cautiously and was taken off guard when a gentleman sitting on the terrace said “Guten Abend” to me.  I probably came off as rude as I mumbled a response.  I’m always a little timid when I approach people or places I don’t know.

We entered the restaurant and were welcomed by a friendly guy who shook our hands and invited us to sit anywhere.  We sat at a two top and started checking out the menu.

Bill in his usual restaurant pose.


Bill went with the souflaki, which was one of the specials last night.  I went with the Rodos Teller, which was gyros with calamari and t’zatziki.

Our dishes came with salads.  These were pretty good.  I liked the yellow beans on the bottom.

My Rodos platter looked and smelled great and wasn’t too much food.  

But I was even more impressed with Bill’s dish, which included two skewers of succulent grilled pork and oven baked potato slices.

As we enjoyed dinner inside, we watched some guys playing soccer on the field and listened to the obnoxious pop music being played in the dining area.  We also talked about politics.  Fortunately, Bill and I have similar political leanings, so our chat wasn’t one to induce indigestion.

We were the only ones in the dining room.  All of the other patrons were sitting outside on the terrace.  We might have joined them except it was unusually chilly last night and I didn’t bring a jacket.  After about an hour, we asked for the bill.  It came to 41 euros.  Although we didn’t get a house shot of ouzo like we do at Taverne Beim Griechen, we thought the food was pretty comparable.

I noticed that Restaurant Bei Stefan offered an interesting array of dishes.  They have Greek food, but they also have rib eye steaks, roast beef, grilled salmon, and even an impressive list of burgers.  I am often a little cautious about burgers in Germany (they tend to like to use a pork/beef mixture rather than just beef), but looking on their Facebook page, I see what looks like a tasty burger.  We may have to go back and try one sometime.

I am continually amazed by the number of sportsplatzes near us with decent restaurants and Greek food is always a pleasure in these parts.  This one in particular offers convenient access to Real, so we took the opportunity to stop in for some ice cream for me and dog toys for our boys.  Friday night is a great time to shop at Real, by the way.

I don’t know what today has in store for us, but it looks like we’re spoiled for choice.  Stay tuned!


Der Weinladen and eating Greek in Jettingen

Last night, we decided to go out for Greek food again.  We stopped by Taverne Beim Griechen.  I have written about this particular restaurant in a sportsplatz more than once, so I will keep today’s comments pretty brief.  I was in the mood for dorade, so that’s what I had.  Bill had wolfbarsch (branzino).  They were delightful.  I think Taverne Beim Griechen probably does dorade better than anyone else in the area.

This fish was sooo good.  I like their gyros, too.


After last week’s cave adventures, I came down with a really nasty cold.  I thought I’d be totally over it by today, but I’m still struggling with fatigue and chest congestion.  Consequently, today’s outing was very brief.  We went to Nagold to check out a wine store we discovered last weekend (when I wasn’t sick with a cold, but suffering from extreme muscle soreness).  The place is called Der Weinladen.  Strangely enough, I was prompted to go there today because I saw an ad for the store on a fence at the sportsplatz near Taverne Beim Griechen.

Before we went to the wine store, we stopped by Kaufland, where there was another store I wanted to check out.  I thought it might be a gourmet store, but it turned out it was just a garden variety bakery and snack bar.  It’s hardly worth a mention here, although it looked like they had nice breads.  The Kaufland and the stores surrounding it in Nagold is a total zoo, especially on Saturdays.

We also wanted to stop by a Metzgerei, which had some nice looking gourmet products displayed in their window.  Unfortunately, they closed at 1:00pm and we were a bit too late.  So we only managed wine shopping today…

We happened to arrive just as a bunch of other people did.

The store carries all sorts of wines from around Europe, as well as some from the United States.  We found one red from Washington State today.

There’s also liquor… everything from Irish whiskey to gin.

And they even have Dom Perignon!  I have had Dom twice and I’m not sure it’s worth the hefty price tag.  At least I can say I’ve tried it.

Der Weinladen also has gourmet items like jams, risottos, and savory spreads, as well as pasta and chocolate.

And you can buy stuff “vom fass”.  That involves buying (or bringing) a bottle and tapping one of the containers.  They had a wide variety of cordials available.


We left there with six bottles of wine and a couple of bottles of liqueur.  I mainly wanted the liqueurs because of the cool bottles they were in– shaped like a woman’s naked torso.  Of course, my own body is not so attractive after all the beer and wine I’ve been enjoying.  I noticed they had some very nice stemware and decanters for sale, too.  It would be a nice place to shop for gifts for your wine loving friends.

I did notice that no one working today spoke English to us, although the lady who rang us up did keep us waiting awhile while she chatted with someone who seemed to be a regular.  The experience shopping at Der Weinladen was not quite like shopping at the Alte Brennerei in Herrenberg, where we usually end up buying a lot more than we intended because they are so good at upselling and speak English.

We were thinking of having lunch, but I was feeling so fatigued from my cold that we came home.  Bill made me a sandwich with fresh bread from the bakery and cold cuts, paired with a Belgian beer.  I think now, I’m just going to kick back and relax with some bad TV.  Hopefully tomorrow, I’ll be more in the mood to explore.

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Eating Greek at the sportsplatz…

Last week, I wrote about how our neighborhood Greek restaurant had apparently changed hands.  Although we were sad to find one of our standby haunts overtaken by smoking compulsive gamblers, maybe it’s not such a bad thing that Dimi’s is no more.  There’s another Greek place in Jettingen and I actually like the food better than Dimi’s.  It’s just that we could walk to Dimi’s, while the other place requires a very short drive.

I have written about Taverne Beim Griechen a few times on this blog, but it had been awhile since our last visit.  We decided to go last night because neither Bill nor I felt like cooking.  The usual waitress was there, offering her friendly brand of service without speaking English.  I kind of like that about her, especially since I’m finding it easier and easier to understand the local language.

I went with the Neptune platter, which consists of gyros and calamari with t’zatziki and rice.

Bill had the Korfu platter, which is gyros and souflaki.


As usual, the food was excellent.  I got a kick out of the music they were playing, too.  At one point, they were playing “Long Train Runnin'” by The Doobie Brothers.  Below is Bill’s reaction when I recognized the song.

Actually, I think he was just stunned because the flash caught him off guard.


We had wine and ouzo and got a kick out of the owner coming over to talk to a cute little girl and give her a little treat.  One thing I love about local restaurants is seeing how children get treated.  It seems like the Italians and Greeks are especially enchanted by kids.  It’s always funny that in that particular Greek place, they always bring me a “cowardly” shot after the meal.  I give it to Bill and drink the ouzo they give him.

I will miss Dimi a lot, but at least now I can visit the other Greek place without feeling too guilty about two timing him.

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Different tours… different perspectives…

Last night, we went to see our old friend, The Mad Scientist, at Agais in Entringen.  We hadn’t planned to go there.  We were going to go to Taverne Beim Griechen, which is located near us.  But when we got to the parking lot, we noticed it was really full.  We weren’t in the mood to battle a crowd and we knew Agais would not be busy because it almost never is.  It had been awhile since we last went down to Entringen to visit our old friend.

So we went down there and arrived at about 7:30 or so.  Just as we suspected, the lights were on, but no one was in the dining room.  We were warmly greeted by The Mad Scientist and his wife.  We decided to have gyros last night, along with small salads and our usual wine.

A couple of young guys showed up while we were eating.  One of them was wearing pants that threatened to fall down.  I will never understand this style of low seated pants that look like they’re about to drop.  They look uncomfortable to me.  I noticed the two guys who came in had the same dinners we were enjoying… the gyros platter.

After we ate dinner, we drove back to Unterjettingen.  I was telling Bill that I thought it was funny that we decided to go down there simply because we wanted to eat dinner in an uncrowded restaurant.  There are other places we could have gone that offered better food, lower prices, and a romantic ambiance.  Agais is just a place we love to come back to because we used to eat there so much when we lived here the first time.  It’s the one place where we feel a connection to our first time living in Germany together.

Now that we’ve been here for nineteen months, I can look back on this experience and realize that it’s very different from our first two year tour here.  I didn’t get a Facebook account until 2008.  Back then, there weren’t any Facebook groups for Americans living in Germany.  I relied on Toytown Germany, which was an interesting group of English speakers.  In some ways, I liked it better than the Facebook groups.  There was less drama… or the drama was more entertaining than annoying.  Also, no offense to my many military friends and family, but sometimes folks in the military community can be a little narrow in their perspective.  Toytown Germany was refreshing because there were all kinds of people there.  The one thing they had in common was being able to speak English.

Bill and I didn’t do as much traveling around Germany during our first time here.  We didn’t see many of the sights that can be accessed within an hour or two.  We did go to a lot of other countries and took advantage of long weekends more than we do now.  It’s a good thing we did, too.  Especially since we didn’t get to stay for our third year.

Now it seems we could be in Germany for awhile, so we’ve been enjoying more of the local flavor.  I have put more effort into learning German, though I doubt I’ll ever be fluent in the language.  At least I understand more than I used to, though.  And this time, I even have some German friends!  Last time we were here, I only knew a couple of Germans besides our landlord.

We still like to go see The Mad Scientist when we want a quiet dinner, though.  I genuinely like him and his wife, especially now that my German friend, Susanne, found out what their real names are!  I like to give him business.  Besides, Entringen is a beautiful little town.  Sometimes I miss living down that way.

Where we ate last night…


Tonight, we have plans for dinner in Tubingen.  We will be visiting a restaurant we’ve never tried before.  It’s attached to a hotel, but looks like it has some potential for a good date night place.  Stay tuned!


This weather makes me want to hibernate…

I was in the mood to go out last night, but we didn’t feel like going far.  It was so dark outside and cold.  We ended up at Taverne beim Griechen, the Greek place in a sportsplatz near where we live.  We have another Greek restaurant we could walk to, but when it’s really cold and dark outside, I can’t be bothered to walk.  Besides, we really like the food at Taverne beim Griechen.  I wanted dorade in the worst way.

We were greeted by the Greek lady who always waits on us.  She speaks no English, but our German is slowly improving.  In fact, just this week, I finished Duolingo’s German tree again.  I can still practice all the lessons, since I am far from fluent, but I’m not acquiring new lessons until they add to them.  I suppose I should just sign up for a class, but that would require me to go out and mingle.  As I said, this cold, foggy, dark weather makes me want to hibernate and be antisocial.

Anyway, we had a nice meal last night.  I had the dorade and Bill went with salmon steaks.  I have had the dorade at Taverne beim Griechen before, but I think this might have been the first time either of us ordered salmon at Taverne beim Griechen.

We had a bottle of Greek wine, along with our usual water.  

This fish was delicious!  One thing I love about living in Europe is getting to eat dorade a lot.  I’m sure it’s available in the States somewhere, but I have never eaten it there.  Here in Germany, I get it fairly often.  Taverne Beim Griechen does a good job with it!  They serve it with a garlic sauce that isn’t too potent.

Bill’s salmon steaks.  He said these were good.  The skin was pleasantly charred and the flesh was not too dry.  


Service and food, as usual, were great!  It was nice to go back after the new year.  I noticed a lot of people were enjoying a Friday night dinner there along with us.  Someone brought what looked like an adorable bichon frise with them.  I wish our dogs were well behaved enough to go into restaurants!

The weather is rather schlecht looking this morning.  Maybe later, we’ll venture out, though.  In a few days, I will be having dental implant surgery and a sinus lift, so I may not be up to any restaurant visits next weekend.


Mmm… Friday night Greek food!

Yesterday, we tried and failed to get a table at Talblick, a gourmet and apparently very good restaurant in Wildberg…   As a matter of fact, when Bill called and tried to set us up with a reservation, he was told they are booked solid for the next three months!  He was advised to try again in January, since the entire month of December is booked with holiday parties.  Now we have to go!  We’ll keep trying!  Someday, I will write about the very nice Michelin starred restaurant eleven miles from our house in Jettingen.

Anyway, because it was dark and cold outside and we heard about the Schoenbuch Tunnel being closed all weekend, we decided to stay local for dinner.  It had been awhile since our last trip to Taverne Beim Griechen, so we decided to go there last night.

I wasn’t super hungry, since I had a big breakfast and a late lunch yesterday.

Mmm… cheese souffles, sausage, and biscuits! Bill made a wonderful breakfast!

I opted for gyros, while Bill had souvlaki.

As usual, the gyros were great!
So was the souvlaki!

Our waitress was the same lady who helped us last time we visited.  She doesn’t speak English.  In fact, she doesn’t speak German that well, either.  We had some misunderstandings about our beverages.  I asked for water with gas and Bill ordered wine.  He asked for two glasses, but she brought out a small pitcher and one glass for him and just the water for me, along with ouzo.  After he clarified, she brought out another water glass and wine glass.  We enjoyed dinner… then we decided to have another glass of wine.  This time, she brought out two small pitchers of wine and another round of ouzo…  I gave the “cowardly ouzo” to Bill.   
It was no big deal, really.  If we had to, we could have walked home.  But once we were done, Bill asked for the check.  I think she either didn’t hear him or misunderstood, since we sat for another twenty or thirty minutes before I finally asked the owner for the check.  I’m pretty sure his wife is Korean and she came over with the bill.  Bill thanked her in Korean and was rewarded with a huge smile.  
It’s always a pleasure to have Greek food on a Friday night.  It’s sort of becoming our ritual lately.  Tonight, we have reservations at Osteria da Gino’s in Nagold.  I have a feeling we will be joined by at least one other American couple…  😉  I look forward to writing tomorrow’s blog post.
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Rainy Friday night at Taverne Beim Griechen…

I wanted Greek food last night, but we had a big storm and that would have made walking to our local spot too wet and messy.  We hadn’t been to Taverne Beim Griechen since Mother’s Day, so we decided to go there instead of Taverne Bei Dimi, which is maybe a five minute walk from where we live.  Actually, we could also walk to Taverne Beim Griechen if we wanted to, but it would be more of a hike for us.  I thought about going to Nagold for dinner, but determined that it was easier to go to our local sportsplatz.  Parking is free and easy there.

The restaurant was somewhat quiet when we arrived.  We picked a table and sat down.  A friendly waitress brought us the mineral water and bottle of wine we ordered, along with ouzo…

The red was a new one for us… dry, yet fruity and satisfying.

I gave thought to having Dorade or perhaps the Wolfsbarsch, which I learned is sea bass (yum!).  But Bill wanted to go simple with gyros, so I had my trusty korfu platter.  I have to admit, I think Taverne Beim Griechen’s food is the best Greek in the area where we live, though Dimi’s is also good and closer to get to.  Taverne Beim Griechen also has a bigger menu, though, and is a little better equipped.

My Korfu platter.  I had it with rice last night instead of fries.  The rice was nicely seasoned with tomato.  Bill’s gyros platter looked the same as this did, only without the souflaki.  Unfortunately, as I was easing the meat off the metal stick, a piece shot to the floor.  I picked it up in under five seconds, though.

I think it’s funny that I come to Germany to learn to love Greek food.  I think I could eat it everyday.  There are still a couple of places I want and need to try, including a place in Nagold and one in Vaihingen.  I am never in Vaihingen at the right time of day to enjoy Taverna Olympos.  Oh well… I’ll get there sometime.

I had been craving sweets all day and we had none in our house (for once).  So Bill and I decided on dessert.  We usually don’t bother with it unless we are on vacation or want to waste time.  I’m glad we did last night, ‘cuz yum…

This was mine…  It was called Galaktobureko Eiercreme in Blätterteig und einer Kugel Vanille.  Basically, it was like a dense, spongy, flourless buttery cake with a layer of phyllo on top.  It was lightly drenched in syrup and liberally sprinkled with cinnamon.  The ice cream and whipped cream were a nice touch.  


I really enjoyed the above dessert.  It was delicious.  I won’t lie.  It really hit the spot.

Bill went with vanilla ice cream and warm raspberries with cream…

And we had another house shot of ouzo with the check…

We paid about 54 euros for a very nice meal (topped up to 60 euros with tip).  Once again, I am pleased to recommend Taverne Beim Griechen.  The food is excellent and there’s plenty of room and parking.

I will eventually get to a new restaurant.  In the next town, there is another sportsplatz that is always busy.  They serve German food, but specialize in cakes.  I’ll get there someday…  maybe even next week, while Bill is in Africa.

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Gyros at Taverne bei Dimi and cross cultural education

Saturday night, Bill and I decided to go back to that new Greek place in our neighborhood.  Part of the reason we went there was because it was hot outside and we didn’t want it to get hotter in the house due to cooking.  I also wanted to try the gyros, since the dorade had left me somewhat unimpressed last time we were there.

When we walked into the restaurant, the lady running it positively beamed at us.  She remembered us from the previous week and was obviously delighted that we’d come back for more Greek food.  Bill and I both ordered gyros priced at 8,50 euros.  It came with cabbage salad, pommes with cheese on them, and t’zatziki.  We also had beer and a couple of house shots of ouzo.

Ouzo time!

Small cabbage salad… I have to watch how much cabbage I eat, otherwise my guts go crazy.  This was a nice salad, though.  The tangy dressing really set it off.


And gyros… Personally, I could have done without the cheese on the fries, but Bill liked it.  It was pretty mild, which is a good thing in my opinion, but I’m weird about cheese.  

The food was good and the restaurant had more business than our last visit.  As we finished up, the lady chatted with us and told us more about how much she loves and misses Greece.  She said that she finds Germans “cold”.  She is not the first person I have heard say that.

I will admit, sometimes Germans can seem aloof and unfriendly.  I have found that usually, once you give them some time, they warm up.  I have also found that a lot of Germans are true friends once you break the ice with them.  In a way, they remind me a little of folks from the midwestern United States, which makes sense because there are a lot of German immigrants in that area.  I grew up in the southern United States, where people tend to be very warm and friendly, but maybe aren’t as sincere as they could be…  “Bless their hearts!” 😉

Likewise, it often seems like Italians and Greeks are a lot more gregarious and friendly than Germans are.  And yet, I don’t always have as much trust in them as I do in many Germans.  I know it’s wrong to judge people as a group because everyone is an individual and there are often exceptions to stereotypes.  I just thought it was interesting that this lady from Greece laments the same way some people from the United States do when they are living in a different culture, be it within the US or in some other country.

Anyway, as we were talking, her co-workers were nodding in agreement about her comments about Germany and how Germans can be “cold”.  I told her that since we live in town and tend to be lazy, she may find herself learning more English!  😀  She gave me a big hug.  So now Bill and I have yet another Greek restaurant on our roster where we’ll probably be regulars.

If I’m honest, I think I like the food better at Taverne Beim Greichen.  But since it’s easier to walk to Taverne Bei Dimi, we’ll probably go there more often.  And, of course, anytime we go to Tubingen, we will stop in to see the Mad Scientist in Entringen…  At this rate, we may be eating gyros every weekend.

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Mother’s Day pro-tip…

It should go without saying, but if you are going to go out to eat on Mother’s Day, make a reservation.  Bill and I were reminded of this axiom today when we decided at the last minute to have lunch at Taverne beim Griechen, a local Greek restaurant we’ve visited a few times since moving to Unterjettingen.

The reason we decided to go out for lunch is because after we took a walk with Zane and Arran, I was feeling really hungry.  Unfortunately, when were at the Real yesterday, we neglected to get stuff for our midday repast.  We are planning to have a light vegetarian meal for dinner, so I wanted a substantial lunch.  We lacked the goods to make that happen.  We figured the Greek place was close and the other times we’ve been, it hasn’t been super busy.  I had a handful of cashews before we left; that turned out to be a blessing.

We got to the restaurant at just before 1:00.  As we walked in, we could see the dining room was almost full of people who looked like they’d come from church.  A huge family group was there along with several other smaller parties.  One of the waitresses, who looked slightly panicked, asked if we had a reservation.  We said we didn’t.  They directed us to a two top, which they very quickly cleared of another diner’s leftovers.  We were brought menus and they said they’d be back for a drink order.  There we sat for the next forty-five minutes, sans drinks.

We finally get beer after a thirsty wait…

I have a lot of patience for wait staff in the weeds.  I have been there before and it’s not a nice feeling.  One of the waitresses seemed to be handling the demands rather well while the other one looked like she was very stressed.  Bill and I sat quietly and talked.  While it was annoying to be sitting there for so long with no service, it occurred to me that this was a first world problem.  It was just food, after all, and neither of us (nor anyone else in that place) are in any danger of dying from lack of nourishment.  Thanks to the cashews, I wasn’t even really “hangry”.  At one point, we thought about leaving, but realized that most any restaurant today is probably crowded.  So we stayed patient and waited as I watched the clock.

It would have been good if one of the waitresses had thought to get our drink order, but I know that when you’re that weeded, you don’t think about such things.  Besides, they might have been silently hoping we’d just get up and leave.  I know when I used to wait tables I used to feel that way sometimes.  Bonus: I actually understood and translated when the waitress said the food was slow.  It was very obvious why.  They really had their hands full.

Despite the wait, this was absolutely yummy!

The less stressed of the wait staff finally got our drink order roughly forty-five minutes after we sat down.  We kept it simple with beer because I don’t think she spoke English and our German sucks.  She brought us our drinks after a few minutes, then we waited a bit longer for her to come back for a food order– maybe twenty minutes or so.  Bill had gyros and I had a Korfu platter, which was gyros and souvlaki.  Fortunately, it was well worth waiting for.  The food was hot and delicious and after the large tables began to finish up and disperse, the two waitresses and the owner himself came over and apologized.  He even gave us the beer for free, bringing our check down to 20 euros.  He didn’t have to do that; we weren’t really upset.  It was a nice gesture, though.  Yet another bargain!

I felt so sorry for the poor waitresses.  I actually had a bit of a flashback watching them and remembering that panicked feeling one gets when behind on waiting tables.  Timing and efficiency is important and if you screw it up while working as a server, things can get bad very quickly.  I’m not sure if making a reservation would have made our lunch get to us more efficiently, but it does seem like it would have been wise.  Of course, if we’d simply bought more food yesterday, we wouldn’t have needed to go out for lunch in the first place.  I usually avoid going out on big restaurant holidays for just this reason.  After waiting tables myself, I know that the experience may not be so good on a hyped restaurant holiday like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

On the way back home, we ran into our landlords who brought the family over for a hike.  After Bill finishes his homework for school, it’ll definitely be cocktail time.  Hope everyone is enjoying Mother’s Day!  Prost!