Slow night in Entringen…

Last night, Bill and I decided to go to Entringen and see our old friend The Mad Scientist at Agais.  The last time we saw him and his wife, it was Halloween night.  I had been meaning to get down there sooner than the New Year, but life got in the way.  When Bill asked me what I wanted to do for dinner, I said I wanted to see our old friend.  Bill cleared some of the snow that hadn’t melted from my car and we headed down to Ammerbuch-Entringen, which is very close to where we lived the first time we were in Germany.

We noticed the parking lot where Bill usually parks was full of construction materials.  Looks like they’re putting up a new building of some sort.  It didn’t matter, though, since there was still plenty of street parking last night.

When we went into the restaurant, The Mad Scientist and his wife were in the side dining room, watching TV.  They greeted us as we took our favorite table.  There was no one else in the restaurant. Bill decided to have lamb and I had swordfish, two of the pricier dishes on the menu.  I think our old friend was happy about that.

We enjoyed a leisurely dinner.

A photo of Bill in his favorite winter shirt…  I may need to get him another one if this cold weather keeps up.

Fresh salads.  Our old friend remembered that Bill is not a fan of onions and I am not a raw tomato fan.  

Swordfish steak with oven baked potatoes and t’zatziki.  It was pretty good, though the portion was a little small.

Bill really enjoyed his lamb.  I am not a fan of lamb.


It felt good to see The Mad Scientist and his wife again.  Their college aged son also visited; we saw him in the kitchen.  Bill later told me that he confided to him that business had been very slow.  He blamed it on the weather.  At one point, Bill said he almost looked teary eyed.  I felt badly for him, though he was as charming as usual.  I just remember that only a few years ago, he was healthier and spoke English so well.  He talked about politics and sports.  Now he speaks German to us, which is not such a bad thing.  At least I get to practice.  I don’t know when we’ll get down there again, but I’m going to make a point of visiting whenever we get the chance.   One of these days, I’ll have to ask him what his name is.  He knows our names.

Bill is going away this week so I will probably be pretty bored.  Hopefully, we’ll get out tonight and try a new place before he takes off for Africa.




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