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Last year for President’s Day weekend, we went to Regensburg.  It was bitter cold.  On Valentine’s Day, all the restaurants were packed.  We went to a crappy Thai takeout place.   The food ended up having mushrooms in it. And then, Bill went back to our hotel room and threw up his dinner.  We had a good time in Regensburg, but Valentine’s Day 2015 pretty much sucked.

This year, we’re staying local.  Bill had to go out of town and I have been sick all week anyway.  I decided we’d have a decent Valentine’s Day dinner and booked us at a restaurant in Entringen that doesn’t belong to The Mad Scientist.

We have not been to Im Gärtle before, but it’s located very close to where we used to live when we were here the first time.  Since Bill has been traveling all week, I decided I wanted to keep Valentine’s Day somewhat low key.

It looks like a nice place.  Doesn’t have a lot of reviews on TripAdvisor and they are all in German, but what I’ve read indicates that the restaurant is pleasant enough.  And it looks like it’s in a nice area, although it will be dark when we get there.  I look forward to posting a new review and getting out of the house.

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