Sidelined by sickness… and German dialects

My husband has left town again on business.  Yesterday, I was hoping we’d get out and try a restaurant.  Unfortunately, Bill gave me whatever disease he picked up when he visited Burkina Faso a couple of weeks ago.  We only managed to visit the local Real.  For those who don’t know, Real is kind of like Germany’s version of Wal-Mart.  The one in our town is kind of dumpy looking, but it has a lot of stuff.  When I’m in the States, I avoid Wal-Mart at all costs.  Here in Germany, I have somewhat less of a problem with their version of a box store, even though it lacks charm the same way its American counterparts do.

The front of our local Real.


I was really out of it during our outing, though I did manage to put on some makeup.  I hadn’t realized how icky I was feeling until I started walking around the store, trying to shop for food for the upcoming week.  When I was single, I used to cook decent meals for myself.  Now that I’m married, I can’t be bothered as much.  I don’t enjoy cooking for just myself.

I get a kick out of the stuff one can find in German grocery stores.  It seems that Germans enjoy convenience foods as much as Americans do, though their offerings are somewhat more upscale.  They kind of remind me of stuff I might find in a Whole Foods.

Check out the beans wrapped in bacon…  I bet that looks just as appetizing just out of the box.


I would have taken a few more pictures, but the Real was crowded yesterday and I didn’t want to look too weird taking pictures of German frozen foods.  Besides, I’m sure I looked weird enough with the dazed look on my face.  Whatever virus I have made my brain even foggier than usual.  By the time we got to the check out area, I was exhausted.

I did manage to get a photo of these frozen confections.  I was particularly attracted to the one that resembles an American flag.  Too bad we don’t have much freezer space or I might have gotten one of these to cheer myself up.


When we got home yesterday, I found a very cool video made by an attractive German lady.  She demonstrates how different the German dialects sound around the country.

Very interesting… of course, it doesn’t matter to me which dialect she uses.  I still don’t understand.


I think I may need to go back to bed now.  Hopefully next week, I will not be so krank.


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