Last week I sampled vegan food…

Last night, we went to Tommi’s Bistro for dinner.  After eating vegan delights at Reiskorn last week, I guess we decided it was time for red meat.  Because I also had lunch with a friend yesterday and used up some cash, we also had to stop by the ATM.  While we were there, I noticed a big sign on the wall…

Check out that guy’s teeth!


The teeth were the first thing I noticed when I saw that sign.  There was a TV monitor that was flashing announcements and I saw another photo of a different guy with jacked up teeth.  Now, I know it’s not uncommon for people to have crooked teeth and maybe Germans aren’t as into orthodontia as Americans are.  I just thought it was funny this guy’s photo was left au naturale.  In the United States, I’m sure Photoshop would be used to fix those choppers.

We basically had our usual Tommi’s repast last night, except Bill decided to order the 300 gram Irish dry-aged Hereford beef they were selling last night.

A very nice entrecote steak.  Irish beef is a little different than Argentinian beef.  They even gave Bill ketchup for his pommes last night.  That was a first.

My ordinary 200 gram entrecote.   I had my usual wild potatoes that I couldn’t finish…  And we had lots of red wine.

A party brought in their adorable little dog, who was peeking out from behind her owner’s jacket.  I couldn’t resist taking a photo.  I wish my dogs were as well behaved in public places.

We had a nice time.  Today, we’re going to a BBQ hosted by our fellow Americans.  I may or may not have anything interesting to post about it.  But I am bringing a Guinness cake to share with my friends.  It should be fun.


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