Happy May Day!

We had a fantastic time at the BBQ yesterday.  In fact, it was so fantastic that I don’t remember parts of it.  Too much tequila can have an adverse effect on a person’s memory and motor coordination.  Anyway, I woke up a little dehydrated and sore because I fell down at some point.  I was just testing the gravity.

Bill took the dogs for a walk and ran into a May Day processional in the forest.  I wish I’d been with him because he said it was pretty cool.  There were a bunch of people pushing a cart that had pickles, mayonnaise, and wurst on it.  At one point Zane jumped at the cart and almost snagged a sausage.  Fortunately, the Germans were amused by my beagle’s antics!  Bill said he also heard a German band playing in the distance.

It’s funny because this is the fourth May Day I’ve spent in Germany and somehow I missed out on the festivities in prior years.  In any case, I’m now reading up on May Day.  Apparently, the holiday was inspired by events in the United States, where May Day is not celebrated.  May 1st is also International Workers’ Day.

I guess we should get dressed and go see if we can find any celebrations going on.  But after last night’s excesses, I think I want to crawl back into bed!  The photos are a pretty good representation of my state of mind last night.

What the hell?


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