Mother’s Day at Bad Urach with Zane and Arran…

This morning, the weather was so beautiful that I decided we needed to go out and do something fun. But I also had memories of last year on Mother’s Day, when we made the mistake of showing up at a local Greek restaurant without reservations.  I had a feeling today would be no different.  I proposed going to Tübingen with the dogs and maybe stopping at our favorite biergarten.  I’ve been wanting to acclimatize the dogs to venturing out with us so I don’t feel so guilty leaving them home alone.

We got to Tübingen and it was pretty clear that parking was going to be a challenge.  So then I suggested Bad Urach, even though I knew it would be packed.  Bad Urach has a beautiful waterfall Bill and I visited last year and I knew it was dog friendly.

We saw lots of dogs today.  My two were not all that tempted by the running stream on the way to the waterfall, but we saw several dogs that took a dip.

For some reason, when we visit Bad Urach, I am reminded of Little House On the Prairie.

When we got to Bad Urach, it was totally teeming with people.  Lots of folks were searching for parking.  We ended up inventing a space, then walked the dogs around the large loop in front of the waterfall.  I decided this year to skip walking to the top, since we did that last fall and I wasn’t really feeling up to it with the dogs in tow.  The walk around the huge meadow was good enough and we passed through a fest on the way back.  They were having food, beer, wine, and music and I was tempted to hang out there.  We would have had there not been ponies in attendance.  Our dogs are afraid of horses and make quite a racket when they see them.  That’s exactly what happened today.  Too bad.

A quick peek at the falls.  I was in no mood to climb up there today.

Such pretty meadows… and ruins in the distance.

We did manage to visit a biergarten near where we parked.  This was our dogs’ first visit to a German biergarten and I’m proud to report that they did great.  There was another dog there barking its head off and my two didn’t make a peep.  That would not have been the case even two years ago when we were in Texas and took them to the Flying Saucer.  Living in Germany has really helped them socialize.  Maybe someday they’ll learn to love horses like I do.

A lively fest.  I wanted to stay and listen to the music.  Bill wanted to use the WC.  Sadly, the ponies made our dogs go ape.

Sitting at the biergarten, waiting a long time in the sun for sausage and bread.  The boys were pretty good. 

So was the beer.

We shared this with the boys.  They are the closest thing I’ll ever have to kids.


One thing to note about the biergarten is that they charge you to use the toilet.  Actually, men can pee for free in urinals.  Ladies have to pay 30 cents.  Doesn’t seem fair to me.

Some lady came in while I was fishing for change and didn’t seem to grasp that it was a pay toilet.  When she came out, she held the door open for me so I got to pee for free.  I’m sure they have to deal with people peeing without eating, but I think this is pretty tacky.  The food and beer were good, though.

That kid in the stroller was in need of a nap.


It was even more of a madhouse as we were trying to leave Bad Urach.  Lots more cars were searching for parking.  Our invented spot was grabbed up in seconds.  On the way out, we passed our all day parking voucher to some guy in what looked like a brand new BMW convertible.  I’m sure he didn’t miss the two euro parking fee, but he was happy that we gave him our voucher anyway and rewarded us with a “Super!”

Now we’re home, the boys are worn out, and I’m going to drink more beer.  Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!


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