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One more cool thing about living in Germany…

Did you know that if you wear contact lenses and you live in Germany, you don’t have to go running to the eye doc for a new prescription if you need new lenses?  I am actually way overdue for an eye exam.  I had my last one in Texas four months before we moved to Germany.  I probably ought to go in and get my eyes checked, but I can’t be bothered right now, especially since I’ve been dealing with all the dental implant drama.

I’m now down to two pairs of contact lenses that were provided by my Texas optometrist.  I had heard that in Germany, you can just order your contacts from or even pick them up at the Real (German box store akin to WalMart).  This morning, I decided to try it.  I got my Air Optix boxes from the bathroom, went on, and started shopping.  I found what I needed and added them to my virtual cart.  Then I realized the lenses would be coming from different sellers.

Since Bill and I will be going away on a trip soon, I decided I needed to order the lenses from the same seller.  I don’t want the lenses to get to me after we’re gone.  Perhaps if they come from the same seller, they’ll get to me at the same time and cost less for shipping.  I found a seller that offered both of my lenses and ordered them.  Easy as pie!

If they get to me quickly and allow me to see, I’ll be happy.  If not, I will have learned a $100 lesson.  Either way, I need to get to an eye doctor sometime soon.  Maybe after I’m done getting my dental implant.

Super dentist Dr. Blair saw Bill and me yesterday.  Bill had a tooth repaired and I got my stitches out from last week’s surgery.  I have two more appointments to go until I have a new tooth.  I go in next month to have impressions done.  Then, on July 6th, I get the implant.  Six days after that, I go in for a final check.  If all goes well, I will be rid of the big hole in my smile and several thousand euros poorer.

After yesterday’s appointment, Bill and I went to Weber, a restaurant near Dr. Blair’s office, because I was really hungry.  We got there during their “Pause”, which is the time during the afternoon when the kitchen staff is on break.  No matter.  We had cake and coffee.

Bill had Viennese apple cake and I had mandarin orange cheesecake with a side of unsweetened cream.  It was a nice way to unwind after seeing the dentist.


I am really ready for a change of scenery.  Ten days to go!


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