A quiet weekend…

Well, actually, it wasn’t that quiet.  Instead of doing our usual restaurant exploration, we had a couple of people over last night.  Then we went to Tommi’s Bistro for dinner.

Since we basically ate what we always do when we go to Tommi’s, I decided not to take any photos.  But I did get a hug from Danni, our favorite waitress, who wondered why we didn’t come to the jam session last week.  Maybe next month we’ll make an appearance.

Today, I sat on my can and watched Army Wives all day.  It’s pretty bad TV, but I got hooked on it when it first aired.  Bill was deployed at the time and it kind of helped me get through those last months.  Army Wives eventually got to be unwatchable, but I will say the last episode was pretty decent.  I was almost sorry that the show ended.

Anyway, next weekend, we’re leaving town.  I will be bringing my computer, so there will be blogging.  Should be a fun read because we’re hitting Austria, Italy, and Slovenia.  This will be our first trip to Slovenia.  I’m really looking forward to it.


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