An early dinner at La Nuova Trattoria da Franco in Stuttgart

Yesterday, Bill and I had to go see Dr. Blair for yet another step toward getting my new dental implant.  He took impressions of my teeth and measured my jaw so that the lab can make my new tooth.  Although yesterday’s visit wasn’t painful, it was somewhat unpleasant and involved bad smells and a mouth full of sticky goo.

After we were finished with the dental stuff, Bill and I were hungry and I really wanted a glass of wine.  We’ve passed La Nuova Trattoria da Franco many times on our way to and from Dr. Blair’s office.  Many times, we have been tempted to stop in for a bite.  Yesterday, we finally took the plunge.  It was about 4:00pm and I was a little worried that all they’d have available would be cakes and such.  I needn’t have concerned myself.  La Nuova Trattoria da Franco’s kitchen stays open all day.  Bravo!  The waiter asked us to leave our wet umbrella in the foyer, then seated us near the window so I could watch people walk by.  When it comes to people watching, Stuttgart rarely disappoints.

This restaurant is rather chic and elegant, with modern decor and starched white tablecloths and napkins.  There’s a small bar and a couple was sitting there having a lively chat.  A well dressed older woman sat two tables down from us and looked like she was enjoying a nice break from the rain.  She carried a shopping bag from Aigner.  The menu had several “menus” offered– that is, two course meals offered at a discount.  They also had plenty of a la carte stuff.  I was tempted by some of the menu choices, especially since I was hungry.  But it did seem like a lot of food and we did have the traffic to face, so we went for a la carte items.

Obligatory shot of Bill right after we ordered food.  I was enjoying a nice glass of primitivo.

Our waiter brought out bread.  It was very good!


I had Seeteufel (monkfish) with a mixed salad.  I think this may have been the first time I’ve had monkfish in a very long time.  I ordered it not knowing exactly what it was until Bill looked it up for me on his phone.

My fish was very good.  The flesh was dense, well seasoned, and not too dry.

The fish came with a huge fresh salad, which I shared with Bill.  I dressed it with a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a few spritzes from my lemon wedge.  

Bill went with the spaghetti gorgonzola, which was exactly what it sounds like.  He said it was very good, though I didn’t try it.  It was too much like what I had for lunch (Egg noodles Alfredo).


Our waiter asked if we wanted coffee.  I said I’d rather have another glass of wine.  Bill put his hand over his glass and pantomimed driving, which made the waiter laugh.  As we were sitting there enjoying our early dinner, I told Bill that I liked this place better than Positano, another nearby Italian restaurant we tried a few months ago.  Bill agreed.  I liked the food and atmosphere better, although both are handy when it’s mid afternoon and you’re in downtown Stuttgart and hungry.

A shot of the elegant looking bar.  They also have an outdoor area that is covered by a tent, but it was raining too much for anyone to use it yesterday.

The front of the restaurant.


We enjoyed our first visit to La Nuova Trattoria da Franco and I have a feeling we could be back, especially if I need more dental work.  Props to them for keeping the kitchen open all day.

On another note, Bill managed to score us a table at a very popular gourmet restaurant in Wildberg.  Stay tuned for a review next week of a place we’ve spent months trying to get reservations!


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