Spotted at the Real…

Bill and I basically hung around at home yesterday because it looked like it was going to rain.  We did go to the Real (Germany’s answer to WalMart) for some food, though.  While we were there, I spotted some interesting stuff that I decided to photograph and share.

Pizzaburgers?  Hmm… Interesting concept that ranks right up there with the disgusting Cheetos fried mac and cheese sticks that are now being sold at American Burger Kings.  Since I have yet to have a really good burger in Germany, I think I might pass on this.

Interesting frozen pizza.  I have yet to find asparagus and bacon pizzas in the States, although it might be pretty good. I haven’t tried German frozen pizza, but it’s also been years since I last ate an American frozen pizza.

Our Real has a small section of Russian foods…

I took a picture of this because I immediately recognized them as sunflower seeds (Cemuchka).  When I lived in Armenia, you could buy little paper cones of them on the street.  They make a good snack.  Until yesterday, I didn’t know that our Real had Russian sunflower seeds.

More Russian edibles, including sprats.  Sprats are a canned fish.  They remind me a bit of sardines.  Yes, I did eat them on occasion when I lived in Armenia…  When I was hungry, that is.


Our Real also has Chinese, Turkish, and Italian sections.  Actually, their Turkish section is pretty impressive.  That makes sense, since there are many Turks who live in this part of Germany.

I got a kick out of the “American Style Cookies”, which are basically chocolate chip.  Last year, I was shopping in another grocery store and got a kick out of the American Sauce being sold there… as well as McDonald’s brand ketchup.

And finally, we have a large bottle of Jim Beam on display.  But the label is upside down.  I wonder if that’s significant in any way…  I am not a Jim Beam fan.  I had a really bad experience with it when I was in college and haven’t touched it since.


I probably could have found more interesting goodies at the Real, but for some reason, whenever we go there, I leave feeling exhausted.  I feel the same way when I go to WalMart, which is why I haven’t set foot in one since 2002.  We went home and I camped out on the futon, where I proceeded to watch more episodes of Desperate Housewives.  Maybe today, we’ll manage to do something fun.


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