A fabulous Friday!

Yesterday started off with Bill and me visiting the dental lab in Stuttgart.  I am in the end stages of getting a dental implant done for a baby tooth that abscessed last year.  There was no permanent tooth under my baby tooth, so I’m replacing it with an implant.  Last week, we went to the dental lab to allow them to get pictures and measurements for the new tooth.  The crown has now been fabricated.  Yesterday, I tried it on and got it adjusted before it gets permanently installed on Wednesday of this week.

Though it took some time to get the crown right, we finally got it to a point at which it’s pretty much perfect.  I was very excited to see the new crown, especially since it looks completely natural.  I will take a picture of my new smile next week as I write a detailed post about my whole experience of getting a dental implant in Germany.  I can hardly wait to get the big hole in my smile filled in!

After Bill dropped me off at home, I took the dogs for a walk.  We have a “dump” for yard waste in the forest area near our home.  Next to it is a locked area that I think is used to dump discarded bricks and lumber.  To be honest, I’ve never taken a long look at it to see what all gets left there.  This dump is located at about the midpoint of our usual route.  As we were about to pass it, we ran into a German guy with a tractor.  He was unlocking the gate to the dumping area.  It’s near a field we usually walk through when we’re exercising Zane and Arran.

As we were about to pass, suddenly a huge European hare bolted out of the gate, only to be confronted by my two hounds.  Both dogs were eager to chase the hare and it was all I could do to hang on to Arran, who was barking furiously and lunging at the scared creature.  The hare then spun around to go back the way it came, only to be confronted by the guy with his tractor.

The poor thing was confused and terrified and spent several seconds going back and forth in an frenzied attempt to escape.  I looked up at the German guy and met his eyes for a split second.  It was like we were both amazed and amused at the sight of this poor wild hare running for its life.  Finally, the hare figured out that it needed to go in one of the other two available directions.  It dashed to the left and made its escape.  I was finally able to drag the dogs away, though not without some effort.  I wish I’d been able to film that scene.  It was the kind of close encounter with nature you don’t see every day.

Bill got home from work early, so we enjoyed a couple of beers.  Then we went to Taverne bei Dimi, which is a Greek restaurant in our neighborhood.  We’ve been there quite a few times in the almost two years we’ve lived in Jettingen, though our last visit was a couple of months ago.  Dimi was happy to see us and had clearly upped his culinary game.  I have already reviewed his restaurant a few times, but thought I’d include a few photos of new stuff he offered last night.  I think he has someone new cooking.

A nice green salad and ouzo.  I prefer to skip the kraut because it gives me gas… 😉  Dimi also brought out an amuse, which is pictured on the salad plate.  Basically, it was a fried zucchini and cheese fritter.  It was delicious!  

Our usual gyros with an unusual dusting of paprika…  I brought about half of this home.

And then Dimi brought out a little surprise dessert for us.  This was a little piece of cake with a dollop of yogurt, some honey, and cinnamon.  It was an unexpected treat.


We came home and chatted a bit over beer.  Then we had a good sleep.

Today, we have plans to go to Ludwigsburg to their market.  We have to pick up a case of wine we ordered from a vintner in France.  Last time we lived here, we ran into these folks at the Tubingen market and liked their wine enough that we’d buy it regularly.  I got an email from them out of the blue a couple of weeks ago letting us know they’d be in Ludwigsburg today.  So we ordered the wine and will pick it up.  I was thinking we might visit Tubingen later, but it’s raining now.  We’ll see what happens.


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