Drinking at a fake German beach and eating at a real German restaurant…

Several months ago, Bill and I were in the charming city of Nagold when I noticed what looked like a fake German beach.  It had sand, beach chairs, umbrellas, tables, and a large bar area.  Summer was coming and obviously this was meant to resemble a beach bar for landlocked beach loving southern Germans.  At the time I noticed it, I made a mental note to come back and try the fake beach bar.  We finally made it to Anker Beach yesterday afternoon.  It happened to be Anker Beach’s last day of operation.  From what I could tell on their Facebook page, though Anker Beach has been in Nagold for four summers, it will not be back next year.

Before we visited the “beach”, I used the ladies room at the nearby Edeka and noticed that the soap dispenser has handy instructions on how a person might properly wash his or her hands.  I wonder how many people have actually paid attention to these directions helpfully laid out in diagrams. 


It was kind of an overcast afternoon and the temperatures were a bit cooler than they have been recently.  Bill and I took a seat on cushionless outdoor couches and started enjoying the last day of the Anker Beach Bar in Nagold…

As you can see, it wasn’t flooded with people right away…

There were lots of dirty ashtrays, too.

But we still enjoyed ourselves.


This was the drink menu.  I don’t think they had everything available.  You could order whole bottles of vodka or gin if you wanted, albeit at steep prices.

After some time, more people started showing up.

I finally tried an Aperol spritz.  It reminded me of fizzy orange Kool-Aid.

This next drink was very good… and very, very potent.  I’m pretty sure the bartender was unloading the last of his booze.  

All in all, though, the strandbar was a bit sad yesterday.  

We finally left as the sun was starting to sink.


Apparently, “beach bars” are a thing in Germany during the summer.  There’s also one in Sindelfingen at Breuningerland.

We thought about having dinner at our old friend Gino’s restaurant, but Gino wasn’t open last night.  So we went to a different restaurant instead, one we hadn’t tried before.  It was called Burg.  The food turned out to be very good.

Bill checks out the menu…  He had salmon and I had trout.

My trout came with this salad, which was very fresh and delicious.  Bill and I shared it.

This trout was sinfully delicious.  It tasted like it had come straight from the river and was cooked in butter.  The potatoes were also excellent.  I couldn’t finish all of this, but I wanted to.  I love fresh fish!

Bill was happy with his Scottish salmon, though I think he liked my trout better.  The salmon came with rice and simply prepared vegetables…

And naturally, we paired our fish with a lovely Pinot Grigio from the wine list.

This was dessert…  It was a digestive that tasted of earth after a good spring rain.  However, I probably should have had plain water.  Yesterday was a very boozy day for me.

And this was Bill’s dessert, the creamy sabayon of the house.  Sabayon is a light Italian mousse/custard.   It was delicious.

The menu outside.

I could see they had a nice looking biergarten, though it wasn’t open yesterday.

Nagold is such a pretty town, even at night.

The lady who waited on us was very friendly and offered excellent service.  We felt very welcome at Burg and would happily go back, especially now that the weather is cooling down.  The food at Burg is traditionally German, so it will stick to your ribs.  I also liked the charming interior of Burg.  There are lots of adorable eckbank groups in there.

Perhaps today, I will enjoy the rain and bum around as the weather turns into fall.


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