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I just bought a dirndl of my very own…

I swore I wouldn’t do it.  For four summers, I worked in the Germany section of Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Two of those summers, I wore hideous fake lederhosen that weren’t really lederhosen as much as they were ugly culottes with shirts and suspenders.  The second year, they sewed all the suspenders to the shirts.  In a way, that was a good thing.  When the suspenders were loose, they’d catch on things.  I once got one caught on the yogurt machine that never worked in any of my four summers there.

Then, during my third year, the powers that be decided all the females should wear dirndls.  I didn’t mind that at all.  For one thing, dirndls are fairly flattering, especially if you have big boobs, which I most certainly do.  For another thing, it was a lot easier to use the bathroom when we were wearing the dirndls.  The fake lederhosen culottes fastened in the back, which made dropping trou kind of awkward.  With the dirndl, all I had to do was hike up my skirt.  I wore shorts underneath so my thighs wouldn’t rub all day and it was great.

After the summer of 1992, I thought I’d seen the last of my dirndl days.  Then, the other day, I got a wild hair up my ass and decided I wanted to have a dirndl of my own.  I do have German ancestry, even though it’s buried under a lot of Scottish and English ancestry.  And we are planning to go to the fest next weekend.  Why the hell not?  Germans wear them.  Why can’t I?  I must admit there was a fair amount of peer pressure from Facebook friends, too.

So yesterday, I ordered my dirndl and a blouse off, of all places.  I know I probably should have gone to a store; but I hate shopping in stores, especially for clothes.  And I saw one on Amazon that I absolutely loved, even though it was more expensive than a lot of the other ones I saw offered.  I based my German size on what I normally wear in America; then I went a size higher.  I figured it would be better if it was too big than too small.  Turns out the size I chose was just right, if not a little big, with just a little extra wiggle room for my boobs.  ETA: My German friend Susanne says many people buy dirndls smaller than their regular size, but I figure I’d rather have more room for beer.

My new German garb arrived today, just one day after I ordered it.  I must say, I am very pleased with it, even if I do wish I could wear a smaller size…

I should mention that some dirndls come with blouses and some don’t.  My new dirndl was made by Krueger and the blouse was sold separately.  The apron came with the dirndl.  I thought about buying a matching sweater, but then realized I have a shawl in this color that will work fine.

I had to take these pictures myself… Maybe when Bill gets home, I’ll have him take one so people can see how long it is.  The necklace is a Novica find that just arrived a couple of weeks ago!  I must say, it’s perfect for this outfit!


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