Under new ownership… an old neighborhood favorite goes bust…

For the past couple of years, Bill and I have taken advantage of having a good Greek restaurant within walking distance of our house.  Taverne Bei Dimi was a great standby when we weren’t in the mood to cook.  Granted, we hadn’t visited in the past few months, although we did try recently, only to find the place closed.  We thought maybe Dimi had gone to Greece for Christmas or something.

Last night, we decided we’d try to go to Dimi’s for dinner.  We made the familiar short walk from our house.  As we approached, I noticed that the vibe of the place seemed off.  I could see there were lights on in what looked like a downstairs dining room.  Dimi never had those lights on.  The small parking lot was full of cars.  I could see a few people in the back area of the dining room, where Dimi had video gambling.  That part of the restaurant allowed smoking and Dimi usually had it closed off from the rest.

I noticed the front door wasn’t open the way it usually was and I could see a strange looking bald man in the kitchen.  Then, when we opened the door to the dining room, we were almost bowled over by heavy cigarette smoke, a TV, and bright lights.  I looked around and saw that there were different tables, a drink fridge, and all of Dimi’s art was gone.  I did notice that Dimi’s signs were still up.

The proprietor welcomed us to sit down, although he said there was no food available.  The proprietor was polite, but had the air of a eastern European Mafioso or something.  It was creepy.  They were only serving drinks.  I’m not sure, but it sounded like they were working on hiring someone to cook.  I won’t be back, though.  That place was just full of acrid smoke and appeared to be taken over by a bunch of compulsive, chain smoking gamblers.  I remembered they used to annoy Dimi, because they didn’t want to GTFO in a timely manner.

I don’t know what happened.  My guess is that Dimi wasn’t getting enough business in his location.  I also think it’s possible that he might have had some health problems.  I do remember many times seeing him looking flushed and diaphoretic as he cooked and served his customers.  Ah well.  After a week of exhausting political dramas, I was looking forward to ouzo.  Guess we’ll have to go somewhere else.

Bill and I ended up going to Tommi’s Bistro last night.  It had been awhile since our last visit there, too.  Unlike Dimi, it looked like Tommi might be thriving.  He changed his plates and it looked like maybe he had someone else cooking.  Most of the tables were reserved last night, too.  We ended up sitting at a very large table and were later joined by several Germans.  I was glad to see business booming for the best steak house in the area.

Bill is ready for beef.

I had a two hundred gram entrecote with wild potatoes and dip.  I don’t really like sour cream, but I have to admit the dip on those potatoes is awesome.  It’s got a little garlic in it.

Bill had a two hundred gram rump steak with pommes.

I noticed Tommi has personalized some of his tableware, too.  


Tommi’s Bistro is right next to a music club.  I love visiting Tommi’s when the club is rehearsing, like last night.

I snapped a photo as we were walking out.


It’s too bad Dimi’s appears to have gone the way of Burger Chef.  I hope he’s alright, but I take heart in knowing that sometimes these unexpected closures turn out okay.  Case in point.  When we lived here last time, the restaurant we now all know and love as The Auld Rogue was a Greek restaurant called Taverna Faros.  I had my very first dorade there.  Bill and I went several times when we were stuck living in the Vaihinger Hof for six weeks as we waited for our housing to be ready.

Sometime after we moved into our house, Taverna Faros went under.  One day, we decided we wanted to eat at Taverna Faros and discovered it had become City Club.  We were very sad about that, especially since City Club looked rather sleazy.

Now, of course, City Club is no longer and we have the wonderful Auld Rogue to go to for good food, fine whisky, Irish suds, sports, and live music!  Although I doubt my neighborhood haunt will turn into anything as awesome as The Auld Rogue, hope springs eternal.  And, if we don’t end up being thrown out of Europe due to our new president’s antics, maybe someday we’ll get to enjoy it.


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