Drool worthy burgers in Gärtringen

Bill and I had kind of a big day today and hit two different places.  Since our two outings in one day weren’t really relatable, I’m going to write two blog posts.  My first post is one I think will get a lot of attention from my regular readers because it concerns burgers.  The second one is for people who love their wine.  Of course, I hope everyone will read them both, but I have a feeling more people will want to know about the Buffalo Grill and Bar in Gärtringen.  It’s now become my new favorite haunt for burgers in these parts.  Edited to add: this restaurant is now closed.

I have my good friend Brendan to thank for pointing out this oasis of beefy goodness last week.  He and his wife went there, took some pictures, posted them in a group, and I realized Bill and I would have to go there.  After all, Gärtringen is not far at all from where we live.

Those of you who have been reading my blog may already know that I’m a big fan of a certain steak house in Jettingen, where I live.  I like it because there’s good food there and it’s close enough to walk to.  However, Gärtringen is not far at all from us and Buffalo Grill and Bar offers more liberal hours as well as a larger menu.  Buffalo Grill and Bar opens at noon and runs until late in the evening.  You can get burgers there, as well as steaks from Argentina, the USA, and Australia.  They also offer some very American friendly appetizers like fried mozzarella, chicken wings, and onion rings.

Bill and I arrived at the restaurant at high noon.  We were very pleased to find plenty of parking outside.  The door was wide open, but no one was dining.  In fact, I got the sense that the waitress wasn’t quite expecting people to be there right at noon.  But she offered us any seat we wanted.  Because the weather was so nice, we sat outside.

Look at all the parking spots!  Awesome!

They were offering burgers to go for five euros…

Door was wide open…. inside dining room was very inviting and nice.  Outside was also nice.

Pictures of all of the things you can enjoy at the Buffalo Grill and Bar.  I want to go back for the combo plate of appetizers.


We had a good look at the menu.  I took pictures of some of the pages because they offered treats that many Americans are missing.  Bill and I only had burgers today, but I could totally go back for a steak… or maybe just some of the awesome appetizers.  I love me some fried cheese.

I am dying to try the “Combi Buffalo”.

They have meat from many sources.

And salads for you non meat eating types.

Bill and I were still somewhat full from breakfast, so we both had cheeseburgers.  I had a plain cheeseburger and Bill had a “spicy” cheeseburger, which came with jalapeno peppers and a spicy sauce.  All of the burgers at the Buffalo Grill and Bar are 100% beef and they all come with steakhouse pommes.  They offer a “lady’s” size at 150 grams and a “man’s” size at 300 grams.  Bill and I both ordered the small size and it was plenty for both of us.

Bill makes a choice.

I had an Urtyp export and Bill had his usual weizen.

The burgers arrived, and boy were they excellent!  The buns were very fresh and homemade.  The beef was cooked thoroughly, but still juicy and fresh.  The patties were thick and satisfying and the toppings were flavorful and crisp.  All of the burgers were priced the same; they had several to choose from and they came in two sizes– small and large.  We had “small” burgers.


Folks, I’ll be honest.  There haven’t been too many burgers I’ve had in Germany that have thrilled me. I enjoyed eating at Triple B’s last year, but the experience was somewhat dampened by how crowded it was and how hard it was to find parking.  I believe Triple B’s has since relocated, but we haven’t been back yet.  What I love about Buffalo Grill and Bar is that not only is it very close to where we live and not only does it have plenty of parking… the burgers are also fantastic.  Our waitress was also very nice and seemed very concerned about the quality of the food.  I think they’d love it if some more Americans paid them a visit.  It seemed to be a kid friendly place, too.

I don’t know how long this place has been running (ETA: My German friend Susanne says they opened in July 2016).  It was our first visit to Gärtringen.  I get the sense that the proprietors are hoping for business, so I’m only too happy to offer this review.  If you’re nearby, I highly recommend stopping in for a visit.  And if you’re not nearby, it may be worth your time to visit if you’re looking for a good burger.  As it stands now, Bill and I will definitely be back again to try the steaks.

After we had our lunch, which was only 23 euros, we decided to see if we could find a beer tasting that was supposed to be going on today.  When it became clear the beer tasting wasn’t that close to the restaurant, we decided to head to Weil der Stadt, where a wine tasting was going on.  That will be the subject of my next post.  Stay tuned.  (I think the beer tasting is also going on tomorrow, too, so we will probably be back for that.)

I think it’s cool that there are places where you can charge your electric car and surf the Internet in Gärtringen.  We will have to visit this town again for more burgers… and/or more culinary experiences.


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