I needed a vacation like nobody’s business… Going back to Germany! Part 7

Bill and I got up early and cleaned up the apartment a bit.  We loaded up the car and had one last Italian breakfast, complete with delicious custard filled croissants covered with a sprinkling of caramelized sugar.  Although I don’t need to be eating them, those croissants were absolutely sinful.

A final goodbye…

At about 8:30am, Bill called our host to let him know we were ready to check out.  He said they were unpleasantly surprised we were leaving so early.  After a short wait, the host’s sister arrived and we handed over the keys.  She shook our hands and kissed me goodbye Italian (and French) style.  Bill maneuvered out of the tight parking spot and we headed to the Esso station to get some gas.  Bill had forgotten that gas is often done full service style in Italy.  It was a good thing, too, since he almost mistakenly put diesel fuel in our car.

After we gassed up, we headed to the grocery store to load up on wine.  I waited with the dogs while Bill picked up some vino, Parmesan cheese, and salami.  Bill advised me to mention that the grocery store in Domaso takes all credit cards.  It was a good thing, too, since it doesn’t have an ATM.

Then, just as we were pulling out of the parking lot, we ended up behind this cool looking old car with German plates.  It was going pretty slowly, but that was okay.  I got a chance to watch people gawking at it as it passed through the little Italian towns.

Neato wheels!


We took a slightly different and shorter route out of the Lake Como area.  It saved us some time and only minimally challenged us with hairpin switchbacks.  I was pretty tired, so I dozed as we entered Switzerland.  I opened my eyes at just the right time to see all of the gorgeous (and very expensive) scenery.

We stopped at the same Swiss Burger King again and ate overpriced fast food.  Bill lamented how much mayonnaise was slathered all over his sandwich while Zane whined and fretted in the back seat.

In the absence of serious staus, we arrived home at about 3:30pm yesterday, which gave me plenty of time to do the laundry and start my blogging.  Although we didn’t pack this trip with a lot of activities and we suffered a few mishaps, we managed to have a really nice time in Italy.  I would definitely recommend Domaso to people who are just looking for a pet friendly, kid friendly, and laid back place to chill out for a few days.  It’s absolutely beautiful there and, as long as you aren’t driving or trying to park, it’s a very stress-free place to be.  I truly hope we can visit again sometime.


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