A beautiful day in the neighborhood…

We have beautiful weather in southwestern Germany today.  Since the sun was shining, Bill and I decided to head to Nagold for lunch.  Today we ate at Luz Bistro, which has become one of our favorite local restaurants over the past few years.  We sat outside and were immediately presented with the latest specials.  Right now on the weekends, Luz Bistro is offering a grill menu and an asparagus menu.  Although I wasn’t thinking of having steak when we sat down, I noticed the grill set up outside by the terrace.  We’ve always had good experiences with grilled dishes at Luz Bistro, so Bill and I decided to go for it.  I had the rib eye and Bill had a filet.  They also had roast beef and wurst.


Bill enjoys the sunshine and a hefeweizen.

Both steaks came with green salads, complete with potato salad underneath.  The dressing was light, creamy, and garlicky.

Bill’s filet was 180 grams and cooked to a perfect medium temperature.  The steak came with baked potato covered with sour cream and herb butter.

My 250 gram rib eye was absolutely delicious.  In fact, I think it may have been the best steak I’ve had in Germany yet, even better than at Christophorus.  I don’t like sour cream, so they kindly put it on the side for me.  I think that steak was cooked over charcoal.  It was outstanding.

My dish was priced at 40 euros while Bill’s was 37 euros.  However, for that money, we got a lot of food that we weren’t able to finish!  Total bill for our lunches and beers was about 85 euros before the tip.  While we were eating, we got to watch a lot of kids and dogs playing in one of Nagold’s many fountains.

The fountain in this picture is where lots of kids and dogs play.

Whenever someone in the Pups of Stuttgart Facebook group asks about where to take their water loving dogs, I always suggest Nagold.  Not only do dogs get to play in the fountains, they also play in the river pictured below.  At the end of this post, I will include a short movie I took last summer of a guy who brought his three dogs to play there.

Today, I didn’t see dogs in the river, but I did see lots of people soaking their feet in the water.


More dogs in fountains!

After you’re finished letting your dog swim, you can stop by the Longwy bar for a drink… or maybe take a hookah break.

This was the line to get into Nagold’s awesome pool.  It was packed!


No hookahs allowed.

I’m dying to try that slide, but on a day when it’s not so busy!


I have really come to love Nagold since we’ve lived in Jettingen.  If we end up moving to Italy this summer, I am sure I’m going to miss Nagold and the rest of Germany.  The thought of moving fills me with dread, even though I do love the idea of living in Italy.  We’ll see what happens.  For now, I think we’ll just enjoy what we have here.

If your dog is a swimmer, you might want to visit Nagold.


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