A long overdue visit to Agais…

Bill and I decided to eat out last night.  Since our usual go to Greek place, Taverne bei Dimi, came under new management/ownership, we haven’t been eating as much Greek food.  We decided to head down to Entringen to see the man we call “The Mad Scientist” (naturally, not his real name).  We used to live two kilometers from his restaurant when we lived in Germany the last time.  We were frequent visitors then, but we don’t get down there so much nowadays.

It had been awhile since we were last at Agais.  I like to get down there every once in awhile because I know the Mad Scientist and his wife enjoy our visits, both for the company and the money we spend.  The wife was the first to see us and welcomed us warmly.  Then, when we opened the door to the restaurant, her husband also lit up.  I’ve been kind of worried about him since we moved back to Germany because I know he had some health problems during our five years away.

When we lived in Germany the first time, our old friend spoke English like and native.  He told us he had lived in Canada for years and worked as an engineer.  Nowadays, his English is not what it was.  We have to speak more German, which is not really a bad thing, although we’re not so good at it.

We sat outside on the terrace. The weather was perfect!

We ordered some delicious flatbread, which was doused in olive oil and garlic and heated.  It was so good!

Bill had lamb with oven baked potatoes.

I had my usual gyrosplatter.  We also had sparkling water and our usual red wine, Athos.


I noticed that the portion size was a bit smaller.  Also, the salads used to come out separately with a basket of bread.  This time, the salad was smaller and on the platter with the gyros and there was no bread.  I didn’t mind, actually.  I usually end up wasting the bread and the salad, anyway.  That salad was just enough, although I would have liked another pepper.

We had a really pleasant meal at Agais last night.  We don’t really go for the food, but to see our old friend from our first Germany tour.  I’m glad to see that he seemed to be feeling alright and was in good spirits last night.  We’ll have to get back to see him again soon.


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