Ten great date night restaurants in or near Stuttgart, volume 2!

Although this blog was originally intended to be about travel, I have found myself posting a whole lot of restaurant reviews for the Stuttgart area.  It seems my restaurant and local attraction reviews have become more popular than my travel posts ever were.  A few months ago, I posted a list of ten great date night restaurants my husband Bill and I have found since we moved back to the Stuttgart area in 2014.  Since that first post was so popular and we have since been to more good restaurants, I figure it’s time for another list.

As before, I am not ranking these restaurants in any particular order.  I like them all and for different reasons.  All of these restaurants have been reviewed on this blog.  Some restaurants have been reviewed more than once, so if you want to read more, you should check the tags for other reviews.  Many of these places are best booked ahead of time.  In most cases, you can find them listed on OpenTable.  Here goes.

10.  Finch – Degerloch


Finch is the restaurant for the Waldhotel, which is a lovely hotel in the Degerloch area of Stuttgart.  Although it’s a bit pricey, the food and service at Finch are excellent.  Bill and I dined there in late March of this year because we were staying at the hotel for easy access to the Porsche Arena.  Finch offers a menu that includes everything from German schnitzel to venison, as well as a few vegetarian and vegan options.  I highly recommend making reservations if you plan to dine at Finch; the venue is small.  I especially recommend this restaurant if you’re also staying in the very nice hotel.

I loved this shrimp tempura appetizer.

9.  Alte Post -Nagold (unfortunately, Alte Post is now closed.)

The Alte Post is the fancy upstairs dining room at Luz Bistro in Nagold.  I have written about Luz Bistro before and, indeed, it was one of the ten restaurants I recommended on my first “date night” post.  The Alte Post is run by the same people, but it’s a much different experience.  The Alte Post restaurant is only open from Wednesday to Sunday and it’s a bit more formal (and much more expensive) than Luz Bistro is.  However, although we dropped a whole lot of euros at Alte Post, it remains a memorable place for a date night.  You can order between three and and seven courses and spend a luxurious evening enjoying all manner of exotic dishes.  Each course is set; you don’t get a choice, except in the number of courses you order.  Reservations are a must, but it truly is an amazing experience for foodies.  Be careful, though.  You could find yourself eating something you never thought you would.

This was a raw lamb course marinated in tomatoes, garlic, and basil.  I don’t usually like lamb, but this was excellent.  

8.  Grüner Baum -Tailfingen

Grüner Baum is a casual French restaurant in a little town called Tailfingen, which is not far from Nagold, Bondorf, or Herrenberg.  Bill and I dined there last fall and I was blown away by the experience.  We sat outside in the charming yard, which is a good bet for a nice day.  There’s also a pleasant dining room for days when the weather is not so good.  I have never not seen this restaurant busy and parking can be scarce, but it’s well worth the effort to get to if only to try it once.  I love this place for the fact that it’s a change of pace and offers something besides Swabian, Italian, or Greek food.  This place specializes in crepes, but there are also plenty of other French delights on the menu. We need to get back there soon!

A little charcuterie…  


And a crepe!


7.  Ristorante da Maurizio -Stuttgart (this restaurant has changed names; it’s now called Aria)

Here’s a nice Italian entry, located on Calwer Strasse in downtown Stuttgart.  Ristorante da Maurizio is billed as a wine bar, but we were there for the food.  Last summer, Bill and I enjoyed a very pleasant evening repast outside.  It was a prime area for people (and pigeon) watching, but I was very impressed by the food and wine.  And, with a little planning, it would probably make for a nice place for a date.

Sinful burrata appetizer!  


Fried perch with peaches and mint!


6. Zum Reussenstein -Böblingen

I probably don’t need to write too much about this popular Swabian eatery in Böblingen.  I understand this restaurant is already well-known among Americans, especially those who live near Panzer Kaserne.  Bill and I dined at Zum Reussenstein last year having wisely made reservations beforehand.  This restaurant features beautifully prepared Swabian delectables at a fair price.  I’m told the place is owned by a famous German TV chef.

Fantastic ham and asparagus with Hollandaise sauce…


5.  Reiskorn -Stuttgart

I am including Reiskorn in this list for those who are dining with vegetarians, vegans, or people who are on gluten free diets.  Reiskorn is an adorable little eatery in downtown Stuttgart.  Its menu caters to those who prefer to eat meat free, although it’s not a meat free restaurant.  Although Reiskorn’s atmosphere is a bit hectic due to its small size, the food is phenomenal and it really offers a nice change of pace, especially for those who have special dietary needs.  Reservations are highly recommended because the inside dining room is very small and it does get busy and crowded.

Vegan, gluten free falafel!  It was delicious!

4.  Buffalo Grill and Bar -Gärtringen (this restaurant is now closed)

Looking for a more casual place to take your honey?  Like burgers and steaks?  You might want to visit Buffalo Grill and Bar in Gärtringen.  Bill and I visited in April to try their burgers, which are, to date, the best I’ve had in these parts.  We enjoyed the restaurant so much that we went back the next day to try their steaks.  To be honest, I liked my burger better than the steak I had.  There’s plenty of parking and a nice outdoor area.  It’s also pretty kid friendly, in case you can’t find a sitter for your date night.  Prices are very fair and reservations are not needed.

Well, it’s not your traditional date night location, but not everyone wants fancy food on a date!


As of July 31, 2018, Buffalo Grill and Bar is closed.  🙁


3.  Die Kelter -Tübingen

Die Kelter is a really cool restaurant in Tübingen.  It offers a nice biergarten area, a bar, and an awesome indoor dining room.  Although it’s a pretty casual place, especially at lunchtime, there are some interesting options available during the dinner hour.  Vegan and vegetarian options are available, as well as choices for people with more carnivorous palates.  I like to go to Die Kelter for cocktails; they have several creative ones available in their bar.  Above all, I love the atmosphere in this restaurant, along with the way it always smells… delicious!  If you visit on a weekend night, you may want to make reservations.  Die Kelter does get crowded sometimes.

Pastrami and salad at lunchtime.  We have also been for dinner, but unfortunately, I have no pictures!


An example of one of Die Kelter’s awesome cocktails!

2.  Restaurant Rosenau -Tübingen

This is another Tübingen restaurant, located on the outskirts of town not far from the hospital.  The dining room is pleasant and service is very competent.  The food could be described as upscale Swabian-French.  On the night we visited, the atmosphere was subdued and very relaxing.  We are definitely due for another visit.

Duck cooked to perfection with Dauphine potatoes.


1.  Der Zauberlehrling -Stuttgart

We’ve actually dined at Stuttgart’s Der Zauberlehrling twice.  The first time we ate there, it was 2008 and I didn’t have my camera.  Last time we went was in April of this year and we had a marvelous time.  One thing to know about Der Zauberlehrling is that on Saturday nights, they have “candelight theme nights”.  On those nights, a multi-course set menu with an optional wine pairing is offered and everyone shows up at the same time and gets the same thing.  The food is very good and the service is outstanding.  Also, the restaurant is connected to a quirky hotel, so you can stay the night if you want to.  A la carte dining is offered on other nights, although be aware that this restaurant is not open on Sundays.  If you’re dining on Saturday night, you should definitely make reservations.

Chilled gazpacho with basil ice cream!  This was literally very cool!


So there you have it… ten more places to try in the Stuttgart environs.  I am now reminded that Bill and I need to go out to dinner more often and expand our horizons!


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