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New glasses and lunch #2 at Il Due in Nagold…

A couple of days ago, Bill and I went to the optometry clinic on Patch Barracks.  We both badly needed to get our eyes checked.  It had been about three years for both of us and I knew my prescription had changed noticeably.  So we went in and had a good exam, which I wrote about here.

Today, we decided to take advantage of the American/non German holiday and visit a optical shop.  We went to Nagold, because there are several eyewear shops there.  We stopped into Pro Optik, which is clearly a chain, and picked out frames.  We happened to be there during a sale, which was a good thing.  I found frames that I think/hope will be more comfortable than the ones I have now.

The guy who helped us was really young and spoke a little English… his English was better than our German.  Using both languages, we got the job done.  He got us set up for glasses and we gave him a short lesson on American politics.  Like most every German we run into, he was interested in our thoughts on Trump and Clinton.  He even laughed and said, “Fuck Trump.”, which I thought was interesting.  In America, if you heard someone helping you in an eyewear store saying that, they’d probably get fired!

After about a half an hour or so, he had our fittings done and said we’d have new glasses by December 8th.  We’ll be out of town if that’s when they get to us, but at least I have the right contact lens for my right eye, which needed a stronger prescription.  I can see a whole lot better now.  I think our two pairs of glasses will cost approximately five hundred euros together.  I’ll be glad to ditch the ones I’ve been wearing and it’ll be nice to see Bill in a pair that weren’t issued by the Army.

I very rarely wear glasses, so I have never really shopped for them very often.  Today, after realizing that we don’t speak German, the sales staff kind of left us to our own devices to pick out frames.  It was kind of nice.  Usually, I get some lady in the optometrist’s office trying to get me to upgrade.  I remember in 2002, I bought new glasses and got the kind that turn into sunglasses.  They were very expensive and ultimately a waste of money, since I rarely wear my glasses out of the house.  Last time, I bought a pair in Georgia.  They were on sale and look okay, but they aren’t very comfortable.  I think the new pair is a little more comfortable and more my style.  I probably still won’t wear them much, though.

After we ordered our glasses, we decided to have lunch at Il Due, which is an Italian place we tried for the first time last month.  I’ll be honest.  I wasn’t planning on having lunch in Nagold, but the smell outside of Il Due was so good that I was lured in.  Bill was game, too.

Today, we opted for some traditional Italian.  They had lasagne as a special.  After finding out there were no mushrooms in it, I ordered that.  It came with a side salad.  Bill had a Pizza Salami.

My side salad.  They have a few varieties of dressings available.  I went with a vinaigrette.  

Bill’s pizza was outstanding!  We will have to come back and get take out from there.  It was probably some of the best locally made pizza I’ve had yet.

And my lasagne, which was delightfully cheesy and included peas and meat sauce.  It was a little bland, but otherwise very enjoyable and filling.  I couldn’t quite finish it.

As we were enjoying lunch, we were marveling at how many nice restaurants we have in Nagold.  Seriously… for its size, it really does offer a great variety of high quality eateries.  I think I like it more than even Tuebingen.  We had half of Bill’s pizza packed up and paid about 33 euros before tip for our lunch.  Tonight, I think we’re having pork loin at home.  I’d like to have a Thanksgiving meal, but it’s just the two of us.  That’s one bummer about being in Germany during the holidays.  But at least there are good restaurants here.


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