Whirlwind trip to Wiesbaden– our quest to find new dog friendly digs… Part four

Once we had visited the two houses, we headed back to the hotel.  It was time to feed the dogs and Bill and I were both hungry ourselves, since Bill neglected to plan a time for lunch when he made our appointments with the prospective landlords.  I suppose we could have stopped for fast food on the way, but that’s usually an exercise in disappointment for us.  Not only is fast food really bad from a nutritional standpoint, we also usually end up with sandwiches that are drenched in condiments.  Neither of us are fans of tons of mayo or ketchup.  A little dab will do us… and really, I’d prefer to skip the mayo on a lot of things.

We were in luck, though, because the Town Hotel in Wiesbaden is surrounded by shopping and restaurants.  Besides our two breakfasts at the hotel, we had three other meals in Wiesbaden and all three were outstanding.  The first place we tried was Karim’s, a Moroccan restaurant just catty-cornered to the hotel.  The weather was perfect, so most of their terrace was reserved for dinner.  However, the very kind waiter let us have a two top as long as we’d be finished by 8:00pm.  No problem!  That gave us three hours.

Feast your eyes…

I got this photo yesterday morning.  During service hours, there are four large umbrellas up that provide shade.

I had the Mazza Arabica, a sampler plate of treats.  This vegetarian delight included falafel, hummus, m’hammara, tabouleh, laban bi khyar, batendjan makmour, and fennel salad.  Although there was no meat on this plate, I was pretty full by the time I’d eaten half of it.  It was delicious!  

And it came with a side of lavash.

Bill went with a lamb stew tajine that came with a saffron and cumin sauce and a side of saffron rice. I don’t like lamb, so I didn’t taste his dish, but he was raving about it.  It was also a very manageable size, which he appreciated.  We’ve never had bad Moroccan food before, but we have gone to a couple of places that serve huge portions!

Obligatory shot of Bill… you knew there had to be one.


This meal was reasonably priced.  My dish was 12,50 euros and Bill’s was 17,90.  We both had two rounds of beer and left feeling very satisfied.  Service was friendly, competent, and efficient.  I take it as a good sign when a place has so many reservations for dinner.  I look forward to eating at Karim’s again sometime.  Guess I’ll have to start a “good eats” list for Wiesbaden, now.


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