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I actually got ahead of myself with part two, since we arrived at the hotel after visiting our first house.  The first place we looked at was located in a cute little town called Hofheim-Lorsbach.  We had an appointment with a guy who is advertising a number of properties on Wiesbaden Bookoo.  Because of Zane and Arran and my music hobbies, we’re hoping to find a free standing house, even though it’s clear that it’s going to cost a lot more than what we’re paying for our current duplex.

The first house we looked at is, indeed, a free standing house.  However, it consists of just two bedrooms and, once we got a look at it, we realized we literally wouldn’t be able to fit all of our stuff in the house.  Hofheim-Lorsbach appears to be a pleasant area, although it’s very built up.  The house we looked at had a shared driveway that would require backing into a busy street.  At 1500 euros a month, the rent was affordable for us and the house itself was very clean and nice.  It was just too small.

The landlord has several other houses for rent, though most of them are duplexes.  He has one free standing house that goes for over 3600 euros a month and is huge– too big for just the two of us.  But we may call him about one of the duplexes if we can’t find something closer to what we really want.

So we headed to Wiesbaden and checked into the hotel, rested for a few minutes, then headed to downtown Wiesbaden, where we had an appointment to see a free standing house that was built in 1908.  We were both pretty excited about this house, since the landlord is doing a lot of renovations that will make it very comfortable and unusual.  The house has a separate guest apartment, also being renovated, and equipped with a kitchenette and a bathroom.  It has a large backyard, a garage located behind a gate, and the landlord even said he’d fence in an area for the dogs.

The most exciting thing about this house is the kitchen, which is brand new, and has a huge refrigerator with an ice crusher, an island for food prepping, and all new appliances.  The next most exciting thing about the house is the air conditioning being installed on the second and third floors.  And the next most exciting thing is the rainfall shower and high speed toilet…  It’s the kind of toilet where you push a button and it washes your ass for you.  There’s even an English speaking veterinarian within walking distance of the house AND he takes VAT forms!

This sounds like it should be a no brainer, right?  When I saw the ad for this place, I thought it was too good to be true.  Once we visited it, I realized that there would be a few drawbacks to living there.  For one thing, the house is in a very congested neighborhood.  I noticed on a Saturday afternoon that it was a bit noisy and parking was scarce, although if we take this house, we can park behind the gate.  Bill and I are not really city people.  We like peace and quiet.  I stood on the sidewalk and could easily hear some guy in his house on the phone.

For another thing, accessing the laundry room will require going outside.  That probably isn’t a dealbreaker most of the year, but it could be a real bummer in the winter months.

And finally, the one room that I’m sure could handle our two king sized beds is on the top floor.  However, there is no bathroom on the top floor and Bill and I usually have to get up to pee during the night.  Accessing the bathroom would require going downstairs, unless we put one of the beds on the second floor.  I think that would get really old.  It could also be potentially dangerous.

I haven’t yet said no to this house yet, though…  We may end up taking it, because it does tick off a lot of boxes.  The landlord isn’t a neat freak, which is a huge plus in my book.  I noticed that he genuinely seemed to welcome my dogs, which I prefer to a landlord who simply tolerates them.  I also got the sense that the landlord really wants us to take the house, which is a good thing.

Still, I have gotten used to living in a smaller town near places where I can see nature easily.  There is a trail behind the house in Wiesbaden, but it’s definitely a busier area than I’m used to and may make me even bitchier than usual.  A large fridge, rainfall shower, air conditioning, and all of the other cool stuff is are all well and good, but I’m not sure if they’re enough to overcome the drawbacks to living in a very congested area.  Also, even though I love the idea of a luxury toilet, especially since I’ve been tolerating a very low grade one for four years, there’s always the chance a luxury toilet will break.  The more gizmos and gadgets a thing has, the more things that can go wrong and cause inconvenience.

So we’ll see what happens…  I think I’m going to try to find something a bit further south, where all the vineyards are.

On the way to the second house… 

Wiesbaden is very swanky!

If only the house we looked at had this wide boulevard next to it.

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