Germany, Wiesbaden

Whirlwind trip to Wiesbaden– our quest to find new dog friendly digs… Part two

Out front…  It’s a little hotel, but very friendly and accommodating.  There are several good restaurants right next to it!  It’s in a great location.

I might as well start with a review of the hotel where we stayed.  As I mentioned in part one of this series, I booked the Town Hotel Wiesbaden because it’s dog friendly.  It was listed on and when I made my reservation, which I did not have to pre-pay, I noted that we were bringing beagles and was assured it was fine.  In fact, we were not charged extra for bringing our two dogs.  They were very warmly welcomed by the reception, and the only place they weren’t allowed was the breakfast room.

Although this hotel only has three of its own parking spots (10 euros per day), it does have an agreement with a local parking garage.  We were advised to stop in before we parked to pick up a ticket for the parking garage, which entitled us to special rates for twenty-four hours (12 euros per day) and in and out privileges.

Bill dropped me off with the luggage and the dogs and parked the car while I checked us in.  We were assigned room 22, a standard room.  Although I had requested a superior room, I did so after I made the booking.  I’m not sure if they didn’t have a superior room available or they just didn’t see the request.  The hotel has an elevator, but we didn’t need to use it.

I was expecting a tiny room, based on reviews I read on TripAdvisor.  Sure enough, the room was tiny, but it had a comfortable bed– probably queen sized– a wall mounted flatscreen TV, and a tiny desk.  Our room faced a courtyard, so it was pretty quiet.

The bathroom was small, but had a decent sized shower with good pressure.  There was a coffee setup, gummi bears on the pillows, and a locking cabinet above the closet.  WiFi is free, but I used a cellular service I subscribed to on my iPad.  Breakfast is priced at approximately nine euros per person, which I thought was very reasonable.  They had a pretty good spread of things ranging from cereal to smoked salmon, fresh breads, pastries, coffee drinks, and juices.

Zane made himself at home.  The bed was a little crowded with the dogs, but we brought their beds, too.  Fortunately, each night, one of them used a dog bed.  They’re getting more civilized in their advancing ages.  

TV was good, although we had to get them to replace the batteries in the remote.

Little bathroom with a surprisingly decent shower.

Breakfast room with an island full of goodies.


Town Hotel also has an “honor bar”, which consists of a fridge stocked with drinks– everything from water to wine– and several shelves of snacks.  You take what you want and, if the front desk isn’t staffed, just tell them what you took at checkout.  We bought a couple of bottles of wine from the honor bar, which was very convenient.  I noticed the wines all had screw tops.

We spent about 250 euros total for our two nights at this hotel, which was slightly more than what I would have paid for the apartment in Mainz.  However, the location was very convenient and the staff at the hotel was excellent.  I was impressed by how friendly and welcoming they were, especially to Zane and Arran.  I would stay again and may end up doing so; but next time, I will be sure to book a superior room.  For just Bill and me, the standard room would work fine.


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