Wiesbaden, take two… the dog friendly housing quest continues. Part four

Friday night, we decided to walk to a nearby Italian restaurant.  Bill noticed it got good reviews and I was wanting to have a nice dinner somewhere.  Our trips to Wiesbaden have so far been all about business, so we haven’t had too much of a chance to enjoy our new area.  So we wisely made a reservation and walked up the hill from GL Suites to Castello Romano.  It turned out to be a great choice for Friday night dinner.

We arrived at the restaurant a little early for our reservation.  It was no problem and we were quickly seated in a comfortable booth.  The wait staff spoke German, Italian, and once they realized we were Americans, they switched to English.  Once again, I remain impressed by how easily Europeans switch languages.  I’m actually kind of jealous, too.  I need to stop being so lazy and learn more German, at the very least.

Below are some photos from our Friday night dinner.

We passed this cool looking building on our way there.  Looks like they do art retreats or maybe offer space for workshops?  Don’t know… 

Charming area near the restaurant. 

The front door.

I probably said something inappropriate to provoke this response.

Bill enjoys bread and tomato/spicy pepper spread, along with olives.

We shared an antipasto plate, with smoked salmon, vitello tonnato, carpaccio, prosciutto and melon, and mozzarella and tomatoes.

Bill had one of the specials… a John Dory filet with salted potatoes and vegetables.  

I had turbot (Steinbutt) with the same setup.  I love turbot.  

We shared a lovely red wine…

Service was very attentive and friendly, and I got the sense this was a local favorite.  At least two more parties came in, one of which had a tiny baby who was born two months ago.  The grandma was walking around, showing off that baby to the staff.  It almost felt like we were visiting family.  We enjoyed dinner so much that we decided to have dessert.

I had coconut creme brulee with mangos…

Bill had panna cotta with red berries.

Total damage was 105 euros, but we had a three course meal with wine and water.  Service was very friendly and professional and the food was excellent.  I’d go back if I am ever in the neighborhood again.


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