More stellar Hello Fresh customer service… NOT

A couple of days ago, I wrote about how HelloFresh.de dropped a surprise on me by sending me a food box TWO YEARS after I requested that they cancel my account.  Because I wasn’t an active customer, my payment information was out of date.  And when they tried to debit the money from my account, they were not able to.  This set off automated emails from them letting me know my “payment had failed”.  However, they still sent the box.

When the unwelcome food box arrived on Wednesday, I instructed the UPS guy to return it to Hello Fresh.  I got an email from UPS indicating that the box that Hello Fresh erroneously sent me has been delivered to their office.

Today, a full three days after my first of several irate emails arrived, I finally got a response from “Hana”, who wrote this.  I am screenshooting it for the record, in case I have to get an attorney.

WTF???  Nine subscriptions?  Their system is even more fucked up than I realized!!!


This was my response.

I actually feel sorry for Hello Fresh customer service people.  


And here is the proof that UPS delivered the package to the Hello Fresh office in Berlin.

I don’t have the box in my possession.  I sent it back to them.


Is 54,98 euros worth my telling everyone who will listen to me what an incompetent, underhanded company Hello Fresh is?  I don’t know… but this is not something I enjoy dealing with, especially since I thought I was done with this company two years ago and asked them to delete my account information.  It took two weeks before I got a response.  Obviously, they didn’t do as I asked, nor did they delete it as a matter of course, as they say they’ll do.

Someone named Nicole was assured that they “delete every data”, but clearly two years of inactivity wasn’t enough to convince them to delete “every data” in my case…

This is my review from today.  

This is a screenshot of my most recent orders.  The top two with the failed payments were sent almost exactly two years after I stopped ordering boxes.  Somehow, near the second anniversary of my cancellation, my account was reactivated without my knowledge or consent.  Either someone at the company did it manually, or there is a glitch in their computer that did it.  I did NOT do it.

Needless to say, I recommend anyone reading this to steer clear of this shitty company.  Weeks before a move, I sure don’t need this extra stress.  I can only wonder what would have happened if I had already moved back to the States or somewhere else.  It’s an enormous inconvenience.

Edited to add:  Here’s an email I sent to another customer service agent named Maja, who responded to one of my missives.  It’s slightly less pissy.


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