We just made Wiesbaden’s Weinfest…

It’s been going on since last week, but we were away, so we only got to it today. Despite some clouds and heavy rain, we had a good time. I got to try several good wines, including some from Turkey. We listened to good music. I got some photos, too. Here they are…

We happened upon some live entertainers who were doing a great job of channeling Stevie Ray Vaughan. Actually, the guitar player was like Vaughan, as his female singer was more like Bonnie Raitt. As a singer myself, I was quite impressed. One thing I do love about Germany is that there is never a shortage of entertainment. There’s always a fest going on, and there’s good food, good entertainment, and clean toilets aplenty!

Today, we also finally visited the inside of the huge Protestant church in downtown Wiesbaden… and it was just as beautiful as I’d imagined. I just want to hear the amazing pipe organ, now.

Our landlord said yesterday not to worry, because he knows we’ll be here next year, and they do this every year. He’s probably right, but I’ve learned not to count on it. Still, I liked this more than Stuttgart’s Weindorf. If we are here in a year, we will definitely go back, and hopefully visit more than once.


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