An overcast Sunday in Mainz…

We had cloudy skies yesterday and it was a bit chilly. It always amazes me how September seems to signal Germany to cool off. It could be hot as the flames of Hell throughout August, but as soon as September comes, the temperatures dip. I like it, and we definitely needed the rain, although rainy weather makes me not want to venture out as much.

There was a wine market fest going on in nearby Mainz at the city park. I had wanted to go last weekend, when the weather was sunny and beautiful. But we were too sad to go out, since we lost Zane on the last day of August. Yesterday was the last day of the festival, so we decided to go out despite the weather. Mainz is probably about twenty minutes from where we live, just over the Rhein River.

We parked at a garage that was maybe a five to seven minute walk from the park. It required a walk up some steep steps to get to the road that passes the park’s entrance. I’m not sure if there is a parking area that is closer and more convenient. We’ll have to explore the area more. Really, we just need to visit Mainz more. It’s a fantastic city.

Here are some pictures from our jaunt to the Mainzer Stadtpark. We will have to visit it again when the weather is sunny. It’s a very pleasant park.

I’m glad we went to the wine market/fest. We need to visit Mainz more often. It’s a very nice city that has a different vibe than Wiesbaden has, and it’s so close to where we live now. If we’re still in Germany a year from now, we’ll have to go back and give this festival more time. They do it every year, the last weekend of August and the first weekend of September.

When we got home, Bill received a phone call from Max at Dog on Holiday. Max and his wife, Christine, used to take care of Zane and Arran all the time when we lived in Stuttgart. Bill had emailed Max to tell him about Zane’s death, and Max called and left a message of condolences. He was on the brink of tears. He got ahold of Bill last night and asked what happened. Bill explained Zane’s last couple of weeks, then said he hoped Max thought we’d given him a good home. Max, who had just seen the memorial video I made for Zane said, “Trust me, you did.” That was so nice to hear. Max and his wife are the absolute best.

Hopefully, a year from now, I’ll be in better spirits.


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