Still social distancing, but we finally got take out…

With all the dining out we’ve historically done, It’s surprising that it took until last night for us to get any take out from local restaurants. I told Bill I wanted to support local joints during this time of social distancing so they can keep afloat, so he went to Restaurant Ariston in nearby Hofheim to pick up Greek food last night.

For me, he got a Grill Teller with gyros, beef cutlet, souvlaki, fries, and a salad. It came with very garlicky tzaziki. For himself, he got gyros baked in Metaxa sauce and covered with cheese with fries and a salad. We shared the food. I normally wouldn’t get the baked gyros, but they were very good. I especially enjoyed the traditional gyros, though, with the delicious tzaziki. I usually get a bit weirded out by white condiments, but I have to admit tzaziki on grilled meat is delicious!

This cost about 30 euros and we have plenty of leftovers. It’s been ages since we last had Greek food, and over a month since we last had any food from a restaurant. We used to eat Greek a lot, since we’ve always lived near Greek restaurants. There aren’t that many of them in our current area. Bill said the inside of Restaurant Ariston looks nice and the outside area would be great for this time of year, as the weather improves. Hopefully we’ll get to dine in there at some point.

We drank Armenian wine with this interesting repast. Bill said the guy running the restaurant had a few orders going. I found a couple of other restaurants we’re going to try. This week, Germany is going to loosen a few restrictions. Small businesses are going to be allowed to reopen, which I’m sure will help make things feel more normal. Kids will be allowed to go back to school on May 4. I even found a local park we could visit maybe next weekend, if the weather is nice.

I do miss eating in restaurants, though… and I feel like such a hermit. I ordered some face masks so we can go on post and take care of some vital personal business. I need a vision exam and to get some passport photos so I can get a new driver’s license and renew my passport… not that we can use it to travel anytime soon.

I’m glad to be in Germany for this mess. It’s really disturbing to read about the nightmare occurring in the United States right now. People are losing their damned minds.

I wish I had more to write about, other than take out Greek food. On the other hand, it was very exciting to get it. Maybe we can order a fancy dinner from another restaurant at some point. I would encourage anyone reading this who can order takeout food to do so… Let’s keep the local eateries going so we’ll have places to enjoy if and when this virus crisis ends.


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