Chasing lakes and waterfalls in Aus-cro-slo-aus… part nine

Tuesday morning, we woke up, got dressed, and went to the breakfast room. There was another couple there; they were German. The lady who ran breakfast asked if we wanted coffee drinks, as opposed to coffee or tea from the station. Bill had regular coffee, while I had a cappuccino. There was a buffet set up, complete with fried and scrambled eggs and a mixture of sausages and bacon. There was also the usual cheeses, fruits, vegetables, smoked salmon, breads and cereals, as well as strudel, sugared croissants, and a chocolate hazelnut creation that resembled liver pate, but thankfully didn’t taste like it.

It was a little drizzly outside when we first came inside, but the sun shyly peaked out from behind the clouds. By the time we were finished with breakfast, I could see some of the huge mountains that were obscured by fog when we arrived on Monday. I knew we were close to Slap Savica– a waterfall that was advertised in the local brochures. I read some interesting reviews of the waterfall. Some people panned it, calling it an unsatisfying tourist trap. Most of the people who complained about it were folks who had visited in the summer and had to contend with crowds. Either way, I knew it would be climb, since every review mentioned the steps. It turns out there are over 500 of them. I’m so glad I didn’t read that until we took our hike!

The drive to the waterfall is very beautiful, especially in the fall. I kept gasping at the dramatic rushing brook and the canopy of trees with red and gold leaves. The road finally ended at a parking area with a couple of restaurants. Most of the reviews noted that parking costs money, but there was no one there to collect money for parking on the day of our visit. That may be because the restaurants were closed. I was definitely impressed by the natural beauty at the base of the walk to the waterfall. Below are some photos I took as we were looking around, trying to determine where to go to access the falls. At the time, there was only one other couple there. I think I would have been happy just hanging out there all day!

We were so lucky to go to the falls on Tuesday. It was the best day for undertaking a hike of any kind. There was rain for most of the rest of our time in Slovenia. But, as you can see, we managed to get some sunny photos, too. Bill spotted the sign directing us to the little shack where we would buy our 3 euro tickets to the falls. Away we went, expecting a twenty minute hike. It took us a lot longer than that, but fortunately there weren’t many people there. We practically had the place to ourselves.

The ground was wet and the steps were steep. I took my time going up the mountain because, as I have repeatedly pointed out, I’m not exactly fit and trim. I just kept telling myself that with each step, we got closer. I promised myself I would make it to the top.

Once again, as we climbed up the mountain, I was very grateful to be visiting Lake Bohinj in the off season. Oftentimes, when I visit a place like Slap Savica, I feel pressure to keep up with others. When we visited, I counted maybe ten people on the way up and down. We had the falls to ourselves for about fifteen minutes before the next couple showed up. And it wasn’t hot outside, so I wasn’t sweating profusely at the top. Bonus… we didn’t pay for parking!

Here’s some video footage of the water…

I kept repeating to Bill how stunningly beautiful this place was… it was just gorgeous. I was grateful to still be able to climb up a mountain to see such beauty. I know not everyone things Slap Savica is all that… and lots of people don’t like having to pay to see it, especially when there’s a crowd. Personally, I’m glad we went. I wish the weather had afforded us the chance to hike in some of the other areas. For instance, I would have loved to have seen Mostnica Gorge, which is supposedly even more beautiful than nearby Vintgar Gorge is. Vintgar Gorge closed for the season on October 31st, but we visited it in 2016, anyway. Mostnica Gorge doesn’t close, although you have to pay to park at a lot near where the trail begins. But there was too much rain the rest of the week. Articles I read about Mostnica Gorge indicated that it gets pretty slippery when the weather is bad. But if we ever get back to Lake Bohinj, we will definitely make a point of hiking more, even if my bones, muscles, and joints protest. Below is a video someone made about Mostnica Gorge. Looks like it’s definitely worth the trip!

Yes… we will definitely try to visit here next time, if we have a next time.

I want to add more to this post, but my Internet is being super wonky today and keeps bumping me when I try to add more photos. So stay tuned for part ten.


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