Our second NAO trip in San Antonio…

Bill and I had a date night tonight.

Mr. Bill is very studly tonight… and he always makes me smile.

We decided to go out to NAO again.  We went last month, when we were house hunting.  We had a good time and the prices are right, so Bill decided to take me out again to help boost my lagging morale.

We had a good time.  I started with an El Diablo cocktail…

This was a cocktail made with tequila… and other stuff that I don’t remember right now.  It was very refreshing and interesting.  I would order it again, even though it was not cheap.

I had a delicious lobster and crayfish soup as an appetizer.  This soup was like velvet and was delightful.  I liked it better than my entree.

Bill had a bacon and goat cheese salad… I didn’t taste it because I don’t like goat cheese, but he said it was excellent.

I had a pork tenderloin entree with a cool potato, asparagus, and pea salad.  I liked the appetizer better.  This was kind of a paltry entree, though it tasted fine.

Bill’s dinner was shrimp… and he got a heartier serving than I did.  As we were finishing dinner, our waitress asked if we wanted more bread, though she hadn’t brought any out to start with.  No matter.  I was glad not to feel stuffed.  And she did get us some cheese rolls and tortillas that tasted like grits.

Sweet Bill doesn’t know how handsome he is… especially over Argentinian Malbec.

Chocolate Encounter.  Bill had this last time.  It was a nice dessert, but once was enough.

Bill had a pineapple savarin– kinda like angel food cake with pineapple.  He liked it.

As we were finishing up, I was suddenly confronted by the dentist who fixed my tooth two days ago!  She’s a very charming lady and she happened to be enjoying NAO for the first time tonight.  She was giving us all kinds of restaurant tips.  Her husband is a hand surgeon, so I’m sure San Antonio is a very exciting town for them.  If you’re medical, you’re golden!

I was actually glad to see her.  She did a great job on my tooth and I think we will get along well.  We seem to like a lot of the same things.  In any case, we had a nice night out and we’ll have to go back again soon.  San Antonio might be the right place for us after all.


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