Pizza tonight…

Bill has a long lost buddy from high school who lives in San Antonio and he has asked us to meet him and his wife at a restaurant called Dough.  Bill met his friend last week for lunch and it was the first time they had seen each other in about 30 years.  Naturally, I have not yet met this guy, but I have chatted with him a bit on Facebook.  In fact, he chats more with me than he does Bill.

Bill’s friend has a wife who works for Novica.com, which is my favorite place to blow money, except SeaDream, of course.  Apparently, San Antonio has a very small Novica office staffed with a couple of people and she happens to work there.  My house is full of Novica stuff and I have many scarves and pieces of jewelry from that site.  I bet our houses could rival each other with all the Novica stuff there…

Novica is a site run by National Geographic that offers cool art, furniture, jewelry, gifts and such from artisans in India, Mexico, Central America, West Africa, Bali and Indonesia, Brazil, and the Andes.  The goods are mostly handmade.  I have loved most of what I’ve bought there and have actually bought so much that I am considered an “ambassador”.  That means I get half price shipping and certain incentives to buy more.  Every quarter, I get credits based on how much I buy, plus they send me codes  around my birthday so I can load up.  It’s a sweet deal.

I will try to get some photos for a new post.  I don’t have any travels in the works for the near future, so I may be reviewing a few San Antonio area restaurants for the time being.  Hey… San Antonio is a tourist destination, right?  It was for me until a few weeks ago, anyway.


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