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Fabulous evening last night… impromptu par-tay!

Bill and I went to Dough last night to meet his old high school friend and his wife.  As we were going there, we were commenting on our runaway electric meter, which Bill says shows us using 10,000 kilowatt hours.  So we were bitching about that as we pulled into a crowded parking lot at a strip mall.  We found a place to park and walked up to the restaurant.  There were many people there and a musician was playing jazz.

Suddenly, I saw the back of a guy who looked very familiar to me…  In 1993 and 94, I was the cook at Camp Paddy Run in Star Tannery, Virginia.  Star Tannery is a beautiful place, but it’s tucked away in the mountains and isn’t even noted on a lot of maps.  Anyway, in the summer of 1994, I worked with some great folks and one of them was a guy named Jason who grew up to become an Episcopalian vicar and is now married to a former Paddy Run attendee who is now a San Antonio surgeon.  I knew they were in San Antonio, but I didn’t know they were going to be at Dough last night.  And we ran right into them while they were waiting to buy wine!

I had not seen either of them since 1994, but had reconnected with Jason on Facebook.  I must say, he looks very much the same as he did back in the day.

Bill’s friend Matt, and Matt’s beautiful wife Jess, showed up a little later and we enjoyed two bottles of wine and a couple of pizzas, along with a delightful appetizer.  Matt, Jess, Bill, and I were getting along great… then Jason and his wife, Susannah, finished up and came out and chatted with us for awhile.  I was amazed at how well everyone meshed, despite most of us being strangers.  After all, Jason and I were not really close buddies in 1994, but we were friendly, as most everyone at Paddy Run was.  I remembered Susannah as a “counselor in training”; she was a teen when I last saw her and was only at camp for a week.  I had never met Matt or Jess before, though Bill knew Matt in high school and recently had lunch with him and I had chatted with him on Facebook.

But there we all were, hanging out like long lost friends.  At one point, I got excited and went to drink some water, but missed my mouth and spilled water all over my shirt.  I guess my “drinking problem” is flaring up again.

Our appetizer… Dough makes all cheeses and breads on site.  

This pizza was called Pork Love…  Supposedly, it was showcased on the Food Network and after tasting it, I can see why. It was quite nice.

This was a sausage pizza that had onions and pistachios and it was insanely good!


We shared a couple of bottles of wine and then Jason gave us the half he didn’t drink.  The three hours we hung out together passed very quickly.  It’s not often you run into a small group with that much chemistry!  Bill and I really had a marvelous time.   I hope we can do it again sometime soon.

When we got home, Zane and Arran were happy to see us… and Arran had pulled The Joy of Cooking off the bookshelf.  Guess he got hungry.

San Antonio is already turning out to be better for me socially, even if I already want to find a new neighborhood.


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