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Texas discovery… Spec’s

One good thing about leaving North Carolina is that we don’t have to deal with ABC stores here.  Texas has private liquor stores and one of them is Spec’s.  Spec’s carries an impressive array of beverages ranging from sparkling waters to rare scotches.  We even spotted a couple of the whiskies we found while we were in Scotland last year, as well as some tasty Guyanese rums I’ve had to buy online until now.

When we first visited Spec’s, it reminded me of a Best Buy store…. only for beverages.  I am not all that impressed with Spec’s beer selection, though they do have some good stuff.  I just don’t think there’s much variety, nor do I think the prices are that impressive.  If you want wine or liquor, though, it’s a good place to be…

Our local Spec’s… very much at home near outdoor malls…

Nice inviting entrance.  Bill picked up a handbasket and I shook my head.  I knew I was wanting some beer.  He knew it probably meant a $200 tab.  He wasn’t too far off.

And tequila.  We need tequila for Labor Day festivities…

Not so bad.  We’ve definitely had bigger orders.  A few items were food.

Bill checks out the beer cooler… Wish it had more interesting beers, but it’s decently stocked.


A couple of months ago, we found Triangle Wine Company, a great beer and wine store in Southern Pines, NC, before we moved to Texas.  It’s probably a good thing we didn’t go there sooner because they had some really fabulous stuff.  I prefer beer and wine to liquor anyway.

Texas also has Total Wine and More, which is also a good place to find unique boozes.  We have enjoyed Total Wine in Virginia and North Carolina and it’s a great place to shop for libations.

The Spec’s pictured about is not too far from where we live, though… and it helps that it’s near World Market, another favorite cash drain.  Spec’s is a Texas institution with locations in major cities around the state.

Tomorrow, Bill plans to take me on an excursion to Central Market, which is supposed to be a really nice HEB.  Maybe afterwards, I can talk him into hitting Trader Joe’s so I can get some frozen “crack and cheese”…


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