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SeaDream  must be having a hell of a time filling up their cruises to Costa Rica.  I’ve been wanting to sign up for one.  But we had to move and life is more expensive in Texas than it was in North Carolina.  Yesterday, they sent me a private sale email with very attractive prices for three cruises, two of which are in Costa Rica.  The prices are low enough that I checked Delta to see how expensive flights are…

Sadly, it would cost a bundle to get down to Costa Rica or Panama.  I suppose I could check again… or maybe cash in some credit card points.  I really do want to visit Costa Rica and this is a great opportunity.  But it would be kind of irresponsible to go down there right now…  It would cost about $1500-$1900 just to fly to Costa Rica.  Then it would cost about $5200 for the cruise itself, which is not bad for SeaDream, but more than we have right now as we’re planning for Bill’s retirement.


As much as the house in North Carolina was falling apart, I sure do miss the extra money we had there…

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