I’ve been waiting seven years for today’s lunch…

In 2007, Bill and I moved to Stuttgart for the first time.  We lived in a crazy hotel in Vaihingen for about six weeks, which meant that we went to a whole lot of restaurants during that time.  One of the places we visited a few times was called Holzkrug.  It was at this little restaurant that I enjoyed some very tasty chicken that was sort of the gold standard for us the whole time we were in Germany with the Army.

Today, we had to take care of some business on Panzer Kaserne.  I got into “the system” the rest of the way, as in I have a SOFA card now.  Then we went shopping at the PX and picked up some dog supplies, laundry detergent and fabric softener, and some Ritter Sports for when I get hungry during the day.  We also dropped by the driver’s ed place and got information about getting new USAEUR licenses for Germany.  And we got the handy dandy landlord blacklist, which tells us which houses to avoid.

After all of that and an unfortunate puking episode after breakfast, I was ready for a hearty lunch.  We decided to see if our favorite Italian place, Cafe da Michele was still open.  It wasn’t, so we went around the corner and headed over to the Holzkrug.  I was glad to see a lady eating the rotisserie chicken I remembered and loved so well last time we were in Stuttgart.  I could see there were more where that came from, as there were chickens rotating on a spit at the front of the restaurant.

Bill peruses the menu as I notice an “America the Beautiful” sign near the men’s room…


We had kind of a funny experience at the Holzkrug back in 2007.  Bill and I both ordered beers.  He got a pils and I got a hefeweizen.  My beer came right out, but he had to wait for his.  Thinking he had been forgotten, Bill approached the barmaid, who curtly informed him that it takes seven minutes to pour a proper pils!  Suitably chastised, Bill sat back down and waited more patiently for his beer.

The menu… #8 is definitely a favorite!

The chicken… boy, was this good.  And I ordered a pils, too.  The chicken was fresh, juicy, and flavorful and the potato salad was very delicious with a slight curry flavor.


The waitress was very nice and spoke perfect English.  I told her I’d been waiting seven years for our lunch.  Once we found a house, we didn’t eat in Vaihingen very often, so after 2007, we never went back.  We meant to, but just never managed to.  I’m happy to report that this old favorite still offers some great food.  And at 23 euros, the price wasn’t too bad, either.

A view of the restaurant from the side as you drive down Vaihinger Strasse toward Mohringen.


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