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A review of The Auld Rogue Irish Pub in Vaihingen, Stuttgart, Germany…

Bill and I went shopping today, which we often do on Sundays.  We decided to have some lunch and ended up in Vaihingen.  We stopped at The Auld Rogue Irish pub .  Our visit was a little bittersweet for us, since when we lived in a Vaihingen area hotel in 2007, we used to eat at that restaurant… only then, it was called Taverna Faros and served excellent Greek food.  One day in 2008, we came back there to find that the place had changed hands (at that point, it was a disco– obviously that venture didn’t last, either).  Rumor had it that the Greek guy who owned it hadn’t paid his taxes and had to close.

Anyway, now it’s an Irish pub and though we did have some great Greek food there back in the day, we were equally pleased by the Irish cuisine.  A sign outside offered spare ribs with BBQ sauce.  I think I should have ordered that instead of the bacon cheeseburgers Bill and I both had.  It’s not that the sandwiches weren’t good; it’s just that I would have liked to have tried something other than what Bill was eating.  But I was craving a cheeseburger, so I gave in…

Bill enjoys a fabulous Guinness draft, served by a very cheerful Irish lass with a delightful lilting accent.

Cheeseburger with Irish bacon…  The chips were delicious!  We enjoyed ours with malt vinegar.


I thought the cheeseburger was pretty good, though I have had better.  For a restaurant in Germany, though, they did a good job.  The fries were to die for.  I noticed they had a number of different burgers and wraps as well as an Irish breakfast and fish and chips.  When we visit again, I will have to have the fish and chips.

Bill passed on a second beer, but our waitress could tell I wanted one…  Must have been the glint in my eye and the fact that I have lots of Scots-Irish blood…  Love the clover!


I could tell the place is popular with Americans.  In fact, I never heard the waitress or bartender speak German.  When we came in, we were greeted in English.  The service is fast and friendly and the waitress keeps track of your bill by writing on your coaster.  Though we didn’t have dessert, one guy sitting near us did and it looked really yummy.

The bar offers whiskey/whisky tastings, quiz nights, live entertainment, and football games on TV.  The whiskey tastings looked especially interesting and were priced surprisingly well.  The next one is December 13th.  I noticed a sign urging patrons to book early.  I liked the Irish music that was playing, too.


The Auld Rogue is on the main drag going through Vaihingen and it would be tough to miss it.  We parked at the Schwaben Galerie, but there’s also some street parking.  If you’re in the mood for a little Irish style food and drink, I’d encourage you to drop by for a pint or two.  The bar is Irish owned and run and seems very authentic.  We found it a refreshing change of pace.


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