Today has been better…

One thing that was a plus is that the washer didn’t take on more water when we flushed the commode last night.  It seems to fill up only when someone showers.  While that’s inconvenient, it’s less inconvenient than not being able to use the bathroom without bailing out the washing machine.  I suppose we could just disconnect the washer and put a bucket under the standpipe, too.

Bill made us a nice breakfast.  Then we did our usual shopping.  We picked up some Christmas stuff at Panzer.  I even drove today, which I almost never do.  Just preparing for tomorrow, when I have to take Arran to the vet for a dental cleaning.  Afterwards, we had lunch at The Auld Rogue.  I had a chicken burger and Bill had fish and chips.  One day, we will go somewhere else for lunch on Sunday so I can write another review.

I went with a Murphy’s Irish Stout…

and a chicken burger…  I wasn’t too keen on this dish.  The chicken was a little dry, though the chips were excellent, as usual.  Next time, I’ll try something else.

Then we went to the commissary, which was kind of packed.  The self service registers were cash only, so the line to check out was backed up quite a bit.

We stopped by the Class VI for tequila, wine, and liquid de-icer for the cars.  I went in the bathroom and was astonished by the sign on the door…

Notice the promise of a clean restroom…  It supposedly gets inspected every hour.

Someone must have been very messy in the 60 minutes before I stopped in for a quick tinkle.



It’s alright, though, because I have never seen this particular restroom clean.  Not when we lived here last time and not in recent months.  It’s a unisex bathroom, too.  Maybe that has something to do with it.  In any case, that sign on the door is somewhat false advertising, though I have seen nastier bathrooms.  In fact, I have even seen them on military installations.

I would have used the commissary bathroom, but it was being cleaned and I didn’t want to interfere with the process.  I think of all the places to pee on American installations, the commissary is my favorite.  It’s usually pretty clean in there.

It wouldn’t be an issue if I didn’t have such a long drive home, but it’s a real drag to need a WC when you’re headed down A81.  We’re back now and preparing for yet another week in magical Deutschland.


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