Belgian beer treats via France!

Since moving back to the Stuttgart area, Bill and I have gotten involved with the local beer scene by joining a Facebook group for beer loving Americans who live in the area.  Although one can certainly find great beers locally, sometimes it pays to look beyond Germany for good suds.  I happen to love Belgian beers, so when someone in the Facebook group suggested I check out Saveur-Biere to find some, I was all too eager.  Besides, aside from Belgian beers, Saver-Biere offers American craft beers, too.  And some of them are well worth buying!

Since it’s Christmas time, I had the perfect opportunity to purchase some beer.  Off I went to the site, which offers English, French, German, and Spanish translations.  I made an account and purchased a Christmas gift for Bill and two twelve packs of an assortment of Belgian beers.  I got the “Humour” set and the Belgian assortment.  I placed my order on Thursday and the beer just arrived via courier this afternoon.

Buying beer from Saveur-Biere is very easy.  As soon as you place your order you get an email confirmation in French.  I don’t speak French, but Google Chrome very handily translates for me.  I did have to pay a hefty amount for shipping, optional insurance, value added tax, and an optional membership in the beer club… which I didn’t bother to research because the cost for that wasn’t that much.  But I am pretty happy with the beers and the beer related Christmas gift that just arrived.  Check them out!

Well packed…

Sturdy packaging.

Humor set.

Belgian assortment.

This should be fun to try over the holidays!  Cheers, y’all!


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