President’s Day Weekend in Regensburg… Part 4

After our beer soused lunch, Bill and I made our way to Regensburg’s beautiful cathedral, Dom St. Peter.  This gothic cathedral is absolutely breathtaking.  It’s twin spires are easily spotted from anywhere in the city and made for a great landmark to getting back to our hotel.  Aside from that, it’s just a really amazing creation that dates back to the 1300s.  Neither being Catholic nor particularly religious, I mostly like to go into cathedrals to see the architecture and the invariably amazing pipe organs.  Bill, on the other hand, usually wells up with tears when he enters these incredibly intricate buildings erected in God’s honor.

Naturally, my pictures don’t do justice to the sheer awesomeness of Regensburg’s cathedral.  It truly is a mesmerizing place.

Two more shots of the outside, taken on Sunday when the sun was shining…


As we took our leave, Bill crossed himself like the good Catholic he used to be.  I spotted emotional tears in his eyes and suggested we go have coffee and cake.  We don’t usually do that, but again, the weather was pretty crappy.  Besides, I love pastries.  We went to a little konditorei across the street from our hotel.  They were doing a good business.  A prized table overlooking the street opened up just as we arrived and a very pleasant waitress invited us to take it.


We each had a slice of cheesecake with peaches.  I had an Irish coffee and Bill had regular coffee.  We watched the world go by from the window above the parking lot…

The outside of the konditorei.


One thing I love about German desserts is that they’re usually lighter and not as sweet as American desserts.  I know that probably doesn’t translate to fewer calories, though.

We went back to the hotel for a rest after our afternoon coffee and cake break.  And when I say rest, I mean rest…  We ended up drawing the blinds and taking a two or three hour nap.


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