President’s Day Weekend in Regensburg… Part 5

Saturday night was especially hectic in Regensburg because it happened to be Valentine’s Day.  When Bill and I woke up from our naps, it was dinner time.  We weren’t really hungry, but we knew that if we didn’t get something light for dinner, we’d be ravenous in the morning.  So we went looking for food.  Unfortunately, Bill wasn’t feeling so hot.  He had a scratchy throat and a slight cough.  He said his chest was getting heavy.  I started dreading it, because I feared I’d soon get what it looked like he had.

Most every restaurant we saw was packed with people.  We also saw a guy dressed in a costume, obviously because he does the nighttime candlelight tours offered in Regensburg.  We saw him approaching one of the squares, where a group appeared to be waiting for him.  He muttered “Shit!”, then changed direction.  We later saw him approaching from another direction.  I don’t know what that was all about… Bill said he probably had to go to the WC or something.

We finally ended up having our Valentine’s Day dinner at Ha Tien, a little hole in the wall Asian place that had pizza, Asian food, and at one time, it looked like they had doner kebab, too (it was x’d out on the menu, though).  I had a crispy duck with rice and vegetables.  Bill had spicy chicken with vegetables.  We took a risk and didn’t ask if the vegetables had mushrooms in them.  They did.  Bill gallantly removed them from my dish and fortunately, they didn’t turn the flavor too earthy for me.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel because Bill was still feeling icky.  On the way back, we noticed one large cafe had seemingly closed early and was hosting some kind of dance class.  I don’t know if that’s a regular thing or something they just do for Valentine’s Day.  It looked like fun, though… if only I could get Bill to dance!

When we got to the elevator at the hotel, we could hear a bunch of kids on it giggling and yelling, so we decided it would be better to use the stairs.  We went to our room where, not long after my evening shower, Bill proceeded to lose his spicy chicken dinner.  When Bill throws up, it’s very loud.  Sadly, his vomiting episode went on for several long minutes.  Poor guy.  He felt better afterwards, though.  I think the spices put him over the edge.

It took awhile to get back to sleep, thanks to the kids running amok in the halls and the fact that we’d both had naps.  I entertained myself by watching and listening to horribly strange YouTube videos by a guy who calls himself “Lil Markie”.  I blogged about him on my main blog.

I also researched a spa concept I spotted while wandering around Regensburg.  In Germany, there’s a spa chain called Float.  Basically, it’s a place where you can float naked in warm salty water in a pitch black tank for an hour.  I thought about booking a session there, but determined that I’d probably get claustrophobic.  Besides, it’s not a cheap experience, though it is one of the rare activities one can do seven days a week in Germany.  I see they have a location in Stuttgart, too.  Maybe someday I’ll work up the nerve and try it.

It wasn’t much of a Valentine’s Day meal…  Maybe we’ll do better next year.

I didn’t know Oskar Schindler once lived in Regensburg.


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