Another fine Greek meal at Taverne beim Griechen…

Last fall, Bill and I visited a Greek restaurant in Unterjettingen called Taverne beim Griechen.  This restaurant is located in a sports park, as are many great restaurants in Germany.  I wanted to go out last night, so I asked Bill if he’d like to visit Taverne beim Griechen again.  We were long overdue.  At first, Bill was reluctant because he didn’t feel like venturing out.  But then I charmed him with my disarming smile and raunchy sense of humor and he finally acquiesced.

When we got to the restaurant last night, it was about 7:00.  Lots of folks were sitting at the bar and several families were at the restaurant’s large tables.  In my first blog about this restaurant, I had initially written that I didn’t think this Taverne beim Griechen is very intimate.  I have now decided that I like the interior of this place, which has plenty of cozy Eckbank Gruppes and large windows that overlook a patio and playing fields.  I’d prefer a couple of smaller tables because I hate feeling like I’m wasting space at a big table.  However, Taverne beim Griechen’s dining room is nicely decorated and modern.

A friendly waitress invited us to choose a table.  There weren’t any small ones available, so we took a table for six in a corner near the windows.

Bill trying not to look interested as he enjoys his beer…

Our server didn’t speak any English, but was very kind as I tried out my horrible German.  She laughed as I struggled to tell her that I’m still learning.  Once again, we had to explain that we’re Americans.  I thought it was obvious!  I’m not complaining, though.

We ordered a round of dunkelweizens (by Hochdorfer) as we perused the menu.  I was tempted by the dorade, which I ordered last time and really enjoyed, but wasn’t all that hungry last night.  Our waitress brought us shots of ouzo to go with our beers as we made up our minds.

I eventually settled on a Neptune platter– gyros with pommes, t’zatziki, and calamari, while Bill ordered souvlaki with rice.  We both had small salads that we didn’t really need.  I ended up dripping the light vinaigrette on my shirt.

Small salad with dressing that stained my shirt… keeps me regular!

My Neptune platter.  I almost never order calamari, but I have to admit I enjoyed it last night.  I have to thank one of Bill’s Army buddies for introducing it to me.  

Bill’s souvlaki.  He’s not a fan of raw onions, but he did enjoy this dish last night.  Bill even ended up saying he was glad we’d gone out.  He’s usually not disappointed when he listens to me.

Service was attentive and friendly.  We even got a visit from the proprietor, a gregarious guy who appeared to be very Greek!  We didn’t have dessert, but we did enjoy another round of beer.  Unfortunately, our bill somehow got added to the check of a larger party sitting behind us.  We all had a good laugh as that got straightened out.  As Bill paid, we enjoyed another house shot of ouzo.  They tried to give me a “cowardly shot”, but I gave it to Bill, since he was driving!  I think before the tip, we owed about 35 euros for dinner.  Much cheaper than our meal in Nagold, but not as fancy!

We really like the food at Taverne beim Griechen and the prices are very fair.  There’s also plenty of seating for groups and a huge, free parking lot.  Maybe someday my venting buddies can visit.  One thing to note is that smoking is allowed at the bar.

If you search the tags for my first post on this eatery, you can get a look at their excellent dorade…  It’s very yummy!


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