Yet another wonderful Sunday in Nagold… and another uphill hike!

Because the weather was just so perfect today and I was feeling especially energetic, Bill and I decided to make up for all the lazing around and drinking we did yesterday.  We went to Nagold for lunch, then decided to hike up to Hohennagold Castle, a 12th century ruined castle on a high hill.  Remember, I am in my 40s and not as fit as I could be.  I also hiked up to Wurmlinger Chapel this morning and that, in and of itself, was a workout.  I don’t know what got into me, but dammit, I did it.  And now I’m sure I will sleep well tonight.  Of course, I saw plenty of older and even elderly Germans trekking up the hill.  If I keep up with days like today, maybe I’ll lose my beer gut.

We started with a stop at Longwy, which is a bar and restaurant next to the Nagold River.  We have eaten there before and I was hoping to try a new place today.  We ended up going there because I wanted shade.  It turned out to be a good choice because it’s a lot of fun to sit there and people watch… and dog and duck watch.

We started with Hochdorfer Krystalweizens…


Then we did some carb loading.  I had a flammkuchen.  I had ordered a Greek one, but they brought out bacon and onion.  I had already eaten a piece when the correct one showed up.  Tut mir lied!  I liked my dish.  It wasn’t too heavy.  Bill had penne pasta with spicy tomato sauce.  And it really was very spicy.  Being from Texas, he likes spicy food but even he was saying this was pretty hot stuff.  

Watching people boating… it’s a little more laid back in Nagold than it is in Tuebingen.

I had to get a shot of this… an adorable border collie was taking a swim.  I was jealous, even though the water in the river is a little scummy.  We saw a dead fish floating by, too.


After lunch, I suggested that we attempt to visit the castle ruins.  Bill was a little skeptical, given our walk this morning.  But he was game to try.

Going up…


One of many long, steep switchbacks up the hill…  At least it was shaded.

Be a friend to nature…


These little stations were very handy places to stop for a rest… and I did need to stop a few times.  I appreciated the educational nature of these activities.  There’s no reason why one can’t learn while taking a breather.


A shot of the gate.  We were  actually stopped there for a few minutes because I wanted a clear shot of it.  Several people were stopped there because a mouse was lying near the gate in its death throes.  Several kids were wanting to play with it while the adults were trying to figure out what to do.  Finally, a man got a tissue from his wife and picked the poor mouse up.  He moved it to a place where it could die in peace.

The views were positively majestic.

This was open from 2 until 5.  Climb to the top and have a look at all of Nagold and its surroundings.

As I climbed up, I was reminded of a scene in the film In Bruges, where the protagonist runs into several fat Americans who were about to try to climb a tower.  Having just been up the tower himself, the man knew it was a tight squeeze.  He tried to warn the Yanks, but they took him for being rude.  I made it up just fine, but it is a bit of a narrow stairway.


Yes, that is a biergarten below.  Leave it to Germans to reward a steep climb with beer!  Or coffee and cake, if you prefer… There are also restrooms up there.


Looks like lovelocks are starting to make an appearance here.

There’s no cost to visit Hohennagold, unless you plan on enjoying a snack.  We were sure glad for a beer break.  They were served to us in ice cold frosted mugs.  I have not seen those outside of South Carolina.  I must say, it was very refreshing!  I liked that the coffee and cake were served on real dishes and not paper plates or styrofoam mugs.  Classy and environmentally friendly, too!

Needless to say, I highly recommend Hohennagold.  And when you’re finished with the hike, you can stop by the freibad for a swim or check out the super cool playground that even had sprinklers for the kids!  I was impressed to see adults playing, too.  I just love that about Germany.  People play outside here.

On the way out of town, we passed one of the fountains in front of a busy restaurant.  I saw the cutest little toddler boy in a diaper.  He flashed me a grin and when I smiled back and said hello, his face lit up into a full blown smile.  Made me feel really good to see that!  I’m so glad we went to Nagold today.  We had a wonderful time.  And I’m so glad we live just minutes away from Nagold so I can hang out there whenever I want to!


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