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More Greek food… and a lovely Sunday walk!

Yesterday, Bill made a beautiful lunch of steamed cod with vegetables.  We had wine with the lunch and soon it became clear that we didn’t have anything decent on hand for dinner.  Because of the wine, we didn’t need to be driving…

Bill even broke out my china for yesterday’s lunch!

Arran loves the table.

A little Kessler Sekt and strawberries for dessert.

So we walked to Taverne Bei Dimi for dinner.  I might have gone to Tommi’s Bistro, but they’re closed for most of August.  The sweet lady who runs Taverne Bei Dimi was there last night after her time in Greece and was so happy to see us.  She and her brother shook our hands as they welcomed us.

Wine, water, and ouzo…

More salad…  My body was liable to go into shock.

Since Bill and I also had Greek food on Friday night, we decided to try something different last night.  I had calamari and Bill had bifteki.

Mmm… fried squid rings…

And beef with cheese in it…

It was totally dead when we got to the restaurant, but had filled up by the time we left.  I was glad to see them getting some good business.  I think we are now official regulars.

This morning, we decided to go back to Wurmlinger Chapel and try our hike once again, now that my mom is back in the States.  Today, we were successful.  We brought the dogs with us and all four of us enjoyed a walk to the top of a large hill.

The way to the chapel… it’s a steep hike.

Map of the area.

So many pretty views as we ascended.  I was huffing and puffing as my out of shape body carried me higher. 

I always take pictures prematurely as I walk up hills.  It doesn’t occur to me that there will be even better views as I go higher.

Lots of grape vines.

200 meters to go.  I was way out of breath!

I can see our old village in this photo.

Finally, we got to see this chapel up close.  When we lived in Germany the first time, I saw it every day from our backyard.  I even have a small painting of it in storage.  

This shows you where all the points of interest are.  I love that scenic places in Germany have these.

The crypt is very cool.

The caretaker was an older German lady who drove up to open the church.  She told me there was water for the dogs.  That was about all I could understand as she kept talking to me.  I tried telling her I didn’t understand, but she was undaunted.

Blackberries ripening on the way back down.

The dogs enjoyed the view, too.  

Sheep grazing.

Dogs have to stay out of the courtyard.  Bill and I took turns having a look.

Zane enjoyed himself and the ride back.

I’m so glad we finally got to see Wurmlinger Chapel.  It’s a very pretty little church and the views are just lovely.  Today was a great day to hike up there.  It wasn’t too hot outside.  My mom would not have been able to make it up the hill, but I think we could have driven up there.  It is discouraged to drive and I certainly needed the exercise.  I did alright for an out of shape fat chick, though.  Just as a reminder, there is a bathroom in the parking lot for those who need the facilities.

I took this photo in 2008 from our old house in Pfäffingen.

We might have to go back before it closes for the winter.  I bet it’s lovely in the fall.


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