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Last night for dinner, Bill and I decided to walk to Pizzeria da Piero in Jettingen.  We had only eaten at this restaurant one time prior to last night, but because it’s so close to where we live, we have gotten take out from there many times.  In retrospect, we might have been more comfortable getting take out last night, but I really felt like going out.  We took the twenty minute walk uphill in the heat and arrived in the thick of dinner service.

Though the restaurant has a nice biergarten with a shade, we ate inside by the bar.  Oddly enough, right next to the bar is an area for kids to play in with toys and everything.  A couple of girls were taking advantage of the chance to play while their parents sat in the dining room on the other side of the restaurant.

A lucky obligatory shot of Bill…

Because it was really hot last night, despite a brief afternoon rainstorm, I told Bill we should have some white wine.  He ordered a pinot grigio and, after ten minutes or so, a waitress came by with an electric wine opener, a bottle of pinot grigio, and the handy wine chiller pictured below.  I was impressed enough by the electric wine opener.  That would have come in handy when I was a server and struggled with opening bottles at the table.  Of course, I am a pro at wine opening now.

No, the white part is not ice.  It’s made of plastic and can be chilled.  It’s a lot less messy than a wine bucket.


Since we were having white wine and I wasn’t in the mood for pasta, I decided to order shrimp.  I considered a zander filet or salmon, but ultimately I made the right choice…

Five big shrimps!

And a salad with a light vinaigrette.

Bill had the zander filet.  Though it was really good, the vegetables that came with it were loaded with mushrooms, which as you may know, are of the devil as far as I’m concerned…

The bread tasted homemade and was delicious.

The hardworking servers at Pizzeria da Piero were very busy last night, so our meal was a bit leisurely.  We had good conversation.  Then, an older couple tried to sit in the booth behind us and opted to move, potentially because I might have said the f word too loud…  or maybe I’m just paranoid.  Anyway, it was no skin off our backs…

Empty bottle…


I considered ordering dessert, but decided I’d rather have a beer.  It was just sultry and nasty last night…

This went down easy as we paid our 59 euro check…

Nice biergarten.  We really should have sat out there last night.  I’ll be so glad when the summer temperatures mellow out a bit.

I like this restaurant well enough, especially when it’s not really hot outside.  I noticed they had ceiling fans in there, but for some reason, they weren’t using them last night.  I wasn’t as hot and uncomfortable as I have been in other restaurants during the summer here.  The wine helped.  Pizzeria da Piero does a very brisk take out service and lots of people were picking up food last night.

Somehow, in the course of the evening, I also lost an earring that I bought in Greece.  Guess that’s a good reason to plan a trip back there.  For now, I’m looking at Switzerland.  Bill has a hankering to see a certain weird museum in Gruyeres.

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